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Wednesday, February 25, 2004
Ann Stewart: Kerry wins 3 more states....Sen. John Kerry won the Democratic presidential nominating contests Tuesday in Idaho, Utah and Hawaii, and he is so far ahead in the race…I’m not sure John Edwards has a chance to win this now….I hope you that are voting for Edwards know that Kerry looks to be the man to face Bush and all controversy around the gay marriage issue is taking the spot light away from Kerry.
Scarlet Termite: The Prez is all for an amendment banning same sex marriages. I say it's wrong. I say that gay folks should have the same rights as anyone else just like black folks, Hispanic folks, women folks, and Asian folks. Here is what I believe. Homosexuality is genetic just like eye color, hair color, and skin color. People are born that way. They cannot help it and many, especially in the past, have fought it and denied it and suffered greatly. It's like my late brother, who was gay, once said to me, "Why would anyone choose a lifestyle that makes them pariahs and targets for every ignorant person who is threatened by them?" There is no choice involved here. My brother didn't choose to be gay anymore than I chose to be a woman. The President is wrong and he is apparently trying to turn our country into a Fundamentalist Christian police state. This is seriously scary to me. One Bugs' opinion. What do you guys think?

Ann Stewart: Scarlet I disagree...I'm not for Gay marriages.. Marriage is a holy union between a man and a woman....I do agree that being gay can be something you are born with, cause of hermaphrodites. But I think Civil unions would give gays the same financial benefits and they could live the same quality of life. I'm all for equal Civil Unions rights for Gays..It accomplishes the same goals as Gay Marriages do.

Scarlet Termite: Ok Annibelle, but think about this. The President is asking Congress to pass an amendment to the Constitution that will be discriminatory toward a whole sengment of the population. That is like passing an amendment saying that black folks and white folks can't get married. Would you be in favor of that? Of course not, because it is discrimination against black folks and white folks. So why should gay people be any different than black folks, white folks, hispanics, or asians?

Laura in LA: Ann, why should gays be second-class citizens? A marriage is only holy if you believe in a god and get married in a church. Marriage means different things to different people. What you are saying is that you have a problem with marriage so "civil unions" should be enough for gays. Well, it won't be enough because equality only means one thing. This is America - we should not deny equal rights to any person(s). If you be a true believer of freedom and democracy, put your own personal beliefs aside and let others have the same rights. No adverse effects will come to you because a gay couple can vow to each other "til death do us part." Whether they make those vows in a church is up to the church but, they have the right to make those vows too. I cannot wait to see Gay Divorce Court. LOL

Ann Stewart: Laura….because marriage was created because of religious beliefs…It was not created by the government….And I do not believe that gays should be second-class citizens. I don't know where you got that from...Marriage was created because of religious beliefs…It was started long before the government ever gave benefits for it. Therefore to most people it is a religious union...I believe that gays should have the same benefits as married couples do….Maybe they should have a common law union for gays…Maybe that would make the gay community happy….but not to call themselves Husband and Wife…. Or husband and husband or wife and wife or whatever. Marriage should be for a man and a woman….Gays can have Civil Unions and get the same kind of benefits from the government as married people do on Medical and financial support but not marriage…because marriage has always been a man and a woman….If we let same sex marriage happen the next thing you know…I’ll be able to marry my pet cat so I get government benefits and financial aid for kitty fluffy ….Marriage was not created so I could marry dog, or a cat, or a horse or my sister….Marriage was created to be a union between a man and a woman and it was created by early humans religious beliefs. If gay people want to get married than they should make their own promises to each other….but I’m never going to call them Husband and Wife…

Kevin Airrington: Laura--[Quoting Laura in LA]"A marriage is only holy if you believe in a god and get married in a church."

When I first read that from you I thought...must be a lawyer...lawyers tend to talk from both sides of their neck...I have a friend who is a lawyer and he tends to do the same thing...difference I think is he is willing to admit when he is wrong.

Now to respond to your statement..."A marriage is only holy if you believe in a god and get married in a church."...

If that is TRUE as you seem to think and I don't believe it is...what about the gays who claim to know see you cannot have it both ways...and it doesn't matter how they feel...God sees all and he destroyed two cities in the Bible because of Gays...San Francisco is on a collision course.

If you are a lawyer...then you must know that your hearsay will not wash...the facts my dear Laura only the facts...

Paul Teutal: I want to know what is going to happen when two bi-sexual couples want to get married! I mean, is it really that far out there? You have a woman who loves a man who loves a woman who loves the woman that loves the man but is also in love with a man that loves her man.......sheesh!! This could get complicated! Two bi-sexual couples marrying could get interesting! There is even a possibility that they could have offspring, so it would have to be allowable under the same set of reasoning parameters.
How about a guy who wants to marry his dog or his sister or his brother or his mother? Bottom line, it is much easier to stick with the one man, one woman theory!

Arty P: Laura--"If you look at the polls on gay marriage, the younger generation is in favor of it. Clearly, gay marriage will be legal soon as the older, less tolerant people die off. " Maybe. But this reminds me of a funny comment someone made back in the 60s in England when they were thinking of changing their currency from imperial to decimal - "It will be too difficult for the old people to understand. Why not wait until they are all dead and do it then" ;-) My point? There will ALWAYS be older people, and chances are they will ALWAYS be more conservative (or more easily confused, as per my UK example) than the younger ones. But I'm just really throwing that argument out there. I think on gay marriage you are probably right. Personally I think GW took a gamble by making this stand, and I don't think the odds are in his favor.

Keziah: I think they should be allowed to get married and reap the benefits that male/female marriages have.

Ann Stewart: Well I don't....I think they should get the benefits..but not the marriage. The benefits are what most of them want anyway.

Sam: Aristide needs to go…or maybe not. To change is to evolve. This statement seems to suggest that change indubitably augurs progress. History, however, has shown this to be untrue as evidenced by the subject of this discussion – Haiti.

Over it’s 200-year history of ‘self-government’, Haiti has seen its fair share of political tragedies, from suicides to assassinations and executions and according to Haiti’s incumbent, 32 coup d’états. In every one of those cases, it’s safe to assume that at least an element of society was dissatisfied with the countries leadership and demanded ‘change’

Political change has always been a point of contention the world over and nowhere best explains that than in Haiti. Democracy here, it seems has always been in a struggle to ensure the will of the people are not only heard but also carried out in a satisfactory and timely basis.

It can be said that this society’s unwillingness to accept gradual change is the bane of their existence (harsh words).

President Aristide, the first legally elected leader of Haiti, is today caught up in the same dilemma that plagued many of his predecessors – ‘not being able to satisfy ALL the people ALL the time.’- and so from his political woes stem Haiti’s economic and social oppression due in part to decades of neglect by its neighbors and the rest of the world.

It is true that Haiti at one period (during the expansion of European empires) was one of the world’s richest countries but in recent years it has been reduced to one of the world’s most impoverished nations with one of the highest HIV/Aids infection rates in the Caribbean.

Aristide did not create the problems faced in Haiti but rather he inherited them. Centuries of political unrest have once again come to a head and once more the people demand a change.

I am afraid this time the world cannot afford to make a cavalier decision about something that is this important.

Change is essential to all our lives. Whether or not political change in Haiti is necessary at this point, one can only consider the pros and cons then progress from there.

Sam @

Ann Stewart: Hey Sam thanks for the comment....I will be working on posts today and I will take a real good look at that for a post....Haiti is poor and has all kinds of problems....I feel pity on those people....I heard they get in tiny little boats and try to cross over to America from there....And it's really dangerous...but I'm sure they could have a better life here. Even as a illegal alien. I watched CNN’s Anderson Cooper do a story on this.

Sam: Hey thanks Ann--The more people hear about Haiti's plight, the more they would want to help do something about it.

Jet: I've been hearing it's very violent, very gory and very disturbing. Not my kind of movie.

yeshuafreak: Well, crucifixion tends to be violent, gory and disturbing. I'm not too keen on seeing said film because Mel Gibson disturbs me; rather, his personal politics do. I know he's got - like - 10 kids and is *extremely, extrememly* religious, and some of the things that he initially wanted to do with the film just seemed so masturbatory to me. . . but enough of that.

Keziah: I saw the making of the Passion of the Christ. Mel isn't in the film. I am really excited about it because the scenes I saw are stirring, really intense.

Ann: Well I’m going to try to go see this movie, cause all this controversy has got me interested…I want to know what all the fuse it about….I will report back to you what I see.

Keziah: I'm going to try and go on Friday if there are any tickets. If not then next week. I love Monica Bellucci, so I am excited about seeing her too.
All seriousness aside. Mel Gibson's like 50 right? He's still sexy.

Ann: Boy that is the truth Keziah....I have always had a weakness for Mel.

Keziah: I don't know if you have the PAX channel but they are going to repeat the making of the Passion of The Christ Tomorrow. I think it might be at 8 or 9. But it has location scouting (Gorgeous location), cast and crew interviews, also different things that happened like James Caviezel being struck by lightning while on the cross. There are also scenes from the film.

Jaqie: I have heard that Mel Gibson is some kind of "throw back" Catholic (there is a name for them but I don't know what it is) that wants the church to go back to Latin and basically go back to the Middle Ages type of services. If the movie is a real depiction of what happened to a man named Jesus, it also happen to many other supposed criminals since it was the punishment of the day, as has been firing squads, torture, etc thru the ages. As for it being anti-sementic, Christians seem to conveniently forget that their Jesus was Jewish, so those in power were persecuting one of their own.

Backwards: I believe the term is Ultra Conservative Catholic. Mel Gibson believes the Catholic Church should be the way it was pre Vatican II. Masses in Latin. No meat on Fridays, EVER, not just during Lent. And a whole slew of other *strict* rules and regulations in which the pre Vatican II devout follow.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004
Ann Stewart: Sen. John Kerry will win Wisconsin primary by a narrow margin over Sen. John Edwards. How many of you think Edwards has a chance to beat Kerry in the primaries?

Wayne in Missouri: Edwards is running closer than expected in Wisconsin. With 23% of the vote counted Kerry and Edwards are nearly tied with 38% of the vote each.

Keziah: Kerry has won most of the Primaries so far. It will certainly give Edwards a boost but whether he can win, anything is still possible, but I think it's still Kerry who will win. He didn't win by too many votes, they had practically the same percentile.

Laura in LA: My crystal ball finally worked - I predicted Edwards would pull a strong second. It's still really tight - I cannot believe that the media called it yet.
Well, Ann, it's all about Super Tuesday. We have to see how much bounce Edwards gets in the polls. Also, I think Dean may endorse Edwards.If the Deaniacs (me included) go to Edwards, he might be able to pull it off. Dean has had strong support in California - sure, some jumped over to Kerry but, they may very well go over to Edwards.
Here's my dilemma - since I actually still have yet to have the opportunity to vote - I prefer Edwards. I think he is a better campaigner, a better debater and has less baggage to hang around his neck as with the case of Kerry. Kerry can be verbose and boring. Ann, I know you think Kerry is a great speaker but, I don't agree. Edwards is smooth and positive and I think he just projects better. So, here's the problem - Edwards is capped out at $43 million in spending before the DNC convention in July. Kerry opted out of matching funds and is not capped. I cannot decide. I have a coupla of weeks.
So, Wayne and Keith, Help!! I'd like to hear your thoughts. My heart says "Edwards" but that cap is scaring me. What would you guys do if you lived in California"?

Wayne in Missouri: Hi Laura,--If it were me I'd vote Edwards. I think he will be the strongest challenger to Bush. At the very least a vote for Edwards will keep the campaign going longer and the longer the Democrats have a contest the more free air time they get to get their message out. If Kerry locks it up too early the air time will go back to Bush and Karl Rove will be able to lock in on a target.
I realize the spending caps will hurt Edwards early but my feeling is that the race will be decided in the fall when both can spend. If Bush spends a lot early to batter Edwards down he may face the same peaking too early phenomenon that Dean faced in the primaries. Then once Edwards were to get involved in spending and gain some momentum, the story would become Edwards momentum.
So my advice would be to go for Edwards.

Ann Stewart: Oh you got me all wrong Laura...I think Edwards would be great to run against Bush...For one thing I love Edwards positive campaign and I like that he is from a poor or average background...Where as Kerry is from a rich background...What a lot of people like about Kerry is that he is a war hero..I told my sweetheart We might have made the wrong vote in the primary cause Edwards is looking better and better to me all the time...I do hope he wins...I wish Kerry and Dean could win too....I think all of the democratic hopefuls are great this time around.
John Edwards would be the best looking President that ever was President...All though I know that Arty is highly attracted to President Lincoln. 
Scott Roberts, Canada: I think it’s ridiculous that the Republicans can in good conscious, accuse the Democrats of "trolling for trash". Wasn't it about eight years ago from now that they first started "trolling" into the sex life of Bill Clinton. He too indicated it was a trash issue, look where it ended up. It seems to me that trolling might not be the best way to fish, but every now and then you do land a legitimately large fish.

Ann Stewart: Scott--Isn't that normal Politics though?....I mean I don't want this to be a dirt bashing election, but it already is and I've already seen John Kerry's campaign manager well as seeing John Kerry speak....They are going to bash Bush as much as possible...John Kerry isn't doing it himself, but every body that works or supports Kerry is bashing Bush....John Kerry's campaign manager called George W. Bush an SOB....”SON OF A BUSH”...They act like they have no problem with showing their hatred toward Bush. People often don’t like that kind of thing and I hope John Kerry takes some lessons from John Edwards campaign and keeps himself positive and lets George W. Bush make the first major bash against Kerry. That way Kerry can play himself off as the good guy, and be crowned Mr. President. He would look good with Capitol Hill sitting on top of his head. Right now the Republicans control almost everything....So the democrats need a win in the Presidency to balance our government out. 
Ann Stewart: Ok folks, there is a new website out on Harold Ford Jr….I hope you enjoy it…It’s got many never before seen pictures of Harold Ford Jr.…I will Keep adding new pictures and keep it updated.

Peach: Hey there devotees of Harold, I have found some links to some cool stuff about HF Jr. I'm sure though that some of you may have already seen this stuff! And for all of you ladies who are wondering if he is single...he is!! In 2000, he was engaged to a lawyer named Jennifer Baltimore, but as I understand, they broke off their engagement because of "issues." I think there is something about it in one of the links to these articles...ENJOY

Ann Stewart: Thanks for the comments and links Ladies...someone reported the same thing or along the lines of that you just reported on Harold Ford Jr. peaches...So maybe it is true...but I try to warn people that not anything on the internet can be considered truth...cause things written on the web so often can be wrong...but thanks for the girls are the best...

Peach: I know what you mean, Ann. The only things I will even remotely believe have to come from reputable sources, like newspaper articles, etc. I read the thing about Harold Ford's ex-fiancée in several online newspaper articles, and I had heard it from someone before so I think it is true. Who knows if they still maintain a relationship, all I found was that they had decided not to get married. But wouldn't it be fun to sit down and interview HF? He seems kinda mysterious to me...
Hey y'all here's another really great article I found on HF. It is from a local Memphis online publication. It is a recent article, and talks a lot about HF's potential for the presidency. It also offers some insight into his personal life.,00.html

Jayla: Ladies, here are a couple of links for you.

Peach: Ann, I am so loving the new Harold Ford site, especially the pictures. And although I am personally not a Kerry supporter, I can respect HF for being one. LORD the man can wear a suit like it's nobody's business! But then again he could probably wrap himself in duct tape and still look elegant and classy...**sigh**

Ann: Thanks Peach...Glad you like it.
Ann: There is a new talk site on Religion if you would like to talk about your views on this deep deep subject…Here are some thoughts and opinions we have received so far…And some harsh criticism of the Mel Gibson movie “The Passion of The Christ.”

ProtestantGirl: CARDINAL TRUTHS--Cardinal Connell is in some trouble with his flock! An older generation will have considered it a thing unheard of that the Cardinal would be so assailed by the Irish media and heckled in his own Cathedral. I started to watch the now famous Primetime programme but turned it off when the details of the sex abuse of children by RC priests became too graphic and sickening. I'm sorry that I didn't turn it back on for the panel discussion afterwards. The Cardinal declined the invitation to appear on this programme and sent instead two representatives who, I gather, didn't leave any one any the wiser afterwards. There are many calls for (1) the Cardinal to resign and (2) the Guarda to fully investigate the case (3) a Government inquiry. We take the view that if the Cardinal has nothing to hide, then he shouldn't fear investigation. Trial by media is hardly the way to go about things, but if you have truth on your side, you can turn the media attention to good use. If nothing else, you can be up front and at least be commended for your honesty. We will continue to watch this unfolding saga with interest. One Cardinal has already resigned in the United States over the sex abuse scandals…maybe another nearer home will do so in the days ahead.
We have printed an 8 page booklet on this issue, simply entitled, "A Protestant View of the child sex abuse scandal in the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland." which does what it says it does on the tin. We have uploaded it unto our church website: We are openly distributing this booklet on the streets of Cork and have also written publicly to the letters page of both the Irish Times and Irish Independent newspapers. See: We ought to be grateful for a free press and the kind of investigative journalism which has been in action in the last few years here in Ireland. Whatever agenda the press may or may not follow…it does not auger well if it is gagged except by laws forbidding libel.

Ann: I don't know much about that ProtestantGirl....I'm sorry I really haven't been keeping up with Cardinal Connell....I've often said I don't believe anything until I hear it from a credible news source...but thanks for the comment....and I will check the internet out about it....But I rearly believe anything I read on the internet...I hope you will come back and talk about your views on this again. I do feel like the Catholic Church is taking a cruel hard blow from this sex scandals and it makes me sad….but the Catholic Church should re-evaluate it’s teachings….That celibacy teaching for priest and nuns that says they can’t take wife or have sex, has caused a sickness in the Catholic church….It’s not healthily…It’s just my opinion. They’re priest and nuns should be able to have spouses. These priest that committed these sex crimes against children…They have a sickness and they probably joined the church to get rid of that sickness and it doesn’t work that way…Child molesters need mental help…They don’t need to join the church and believe that is going to fix their problem.

Kerry is a loser: Mel Gibson WROTE and PRODUCED the film. The sad racist actor is a fundamentalist catholic weirdo. The only people who go and see and support a film like this are the kind of people who make America fall into shame. It is no wonder that so many countries hate the USA so much.

NOTHING I have ever seen has been more difficult to watch than this.

It is, without a doubt, one of the most violent films ever made - two hours and six minutes of unremitting, relentlessly graphic brutality.

Mel Gibson's controversial story of the last hours of Jesus Christ is a sickening bloodbath and, in my opinion, suitable viewing only for sadists.

The Passion Of The Christ has already sparked furious reaction among Jews who say it is viciously anti-semitic. The Pope, on the other hand, commended its realism, saying after a private viewing: "It is as it was..."

Either way, however worthy and serious as Gibson's intentions may be, his blood-drenched depiction of the final hours of Jesus's life is both harsh and brutal, dwelling almost entirely on his pain, suffering and torment.

Beatings, whippings, floggings and, of course, the crucifixion are all shown in meticulous close-up with frequent slow-motion shots to ensure that no detail, however gory, escapes us.

The film, due to be released in the States on Ash Wednesday (February 25) and a month later here, is being strongly marketed to evangelical Christians, although Gibson has emphasised it is not for young children.

But many adults, too, are likely to have problems with the vivid depictions of searing pain and the hideous violence.

Gibson claims to have cut out some of the most brutal scenes, but there is plenty of scope for more editing.

We see a cat-o-nine tails rip repeatedly into Jesus's flesh as his body is torn and battered to a bleeding pulp.

He stumbles, falls and is beaten many times during his long, slow crawl towards his crucifixion; and the agony of the crucifixion itself is graphically and horrifically portrayed.

Jim Caviezel stars as Jesus and the Italian actress Monica Bellucci is Mary Magdalene in the £15million film, which is in Latin-Aramaic with English subtitles. It was entirely financed by Gibson, a member of a conservative Catholic religious group.

It begins in the Garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus is praying as his disciples sleep. He resists the temptations of a Gollum-like Satan but less than ten minutes into the film he is dragged away to endure the first of many beatings at the hands of Jewish and later Roman guards.

Pilate is depicted as being reluctant to harm Jesus, but largely to avert a rebellion by the Jewish mob, he agrees to him being severely lashed. The ensuing flogging becomes a gruesome bloodbath, but the crowd and the High Priest demand more. Burly Roman soldiers compete to see who can inflict the most damage on Jesus's battered body. The crucifixion itself is 25 minutes of excruciating torment as drunken Roman soldiers struggle to hammer in the nails and Jesus's flayed body jerks and writhes in pain on the cross.

His eventual death is accompanied by an earthquake which rocks Jerusalem, shaking and toppling walls in Pilate's home.

The resurrection is dealt with briefly as the final scene in the film. The rock in front of the cave entrance where his body lies rolls back and a cleansed and healthy-looking Jesus walks away in slow motion, leaving his shroud on the slab of rock where his body had lain.

Throughout the film, the violence and bloodletting is interspersed with flashbacks to Jesus working as a carpenter, with his mother, preaching to the disciples and at the Last Supper.

But these moments are fleeting and Gibson quickly drags us back into a maelstrom of blood and torment.

The horrific brutality may turn some audiences away, but Gibson is likely to rake in huge financial rewards from the film.

He has traveled to churches across America to enlist their help in promoting it and a Christian marketing company he has retained has sent a trailer to thousands of churches urging pastors to promote "what may well be the greatest outreach opportunity in the past 2,000 years."

The Passion Of The Christ is already the top seller on online ticket services in America - where graphic sex will always be more outrageous than unrelenting violence.

Ann: Ok Kerry is a loser…I had not paid much attention to the news on this film….but I don’t agree with all your negativity….You see the more controversy there is around this film will make more people want to see it….I did not know that Mel Gibson had written this movie….I thought it was a story out of the bible….Like I said I am not that educated about it….I will have to investigate it more to be more educated about it….and I will probably go and see it….Despite your negative opinion of it…You strike me as a person who has a lot of negative opinions, but this is a open to the public talk website and you are entitled to your opinion. Thanks for that. Kerry I think it's strange you degrade this film and Mel Gibson so much....yet you already went and watched the movie? That makes no sense, cause your degrading us for saying we are going to go see it.

Keziah: That was a passionate review on the Passion of Christ.
I'm going to see it when it comes out and make up my own mind about the film.

Kerry is a loser: Well it shows you support anti-Semitism and advocate racial hatred. Just remember, that Jesus was JEWISH.

Ann: Yeah well Kerry is a loser…. Some religions believe Jesus was black and some believe he was just a Prophet and not the son of God….Some religions believe Jesus was just a fable or a fairytale….So it’s hard to know what Jesus is to billions of people in this world…I grew up Pennicostal….But I try to respect other religions and I’m sorry that I didn’t know that Mel Gibson had written this movie….I like I said did not pay much attention to the news on this movie….I figured I’d be like Keziah and go and watch it and see for myself….I was totally wrong cause I thought Mel Gibson started in the movie….I was told the script was offered to him by the company who wanted the movie made…So I will check it out. I don’t believe anything written on this website until I hear it from a credible news source.

Keziah: The Passion of the Christ
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
Mel Gibson - director, co-producer, co-screenwriter
Benedict Fitzgerald - co-screenwriter

Ann Stewart: Thanks for that Keziah .....I didn’t' know Mel Gibson had wrote it....I thought he just stared in it....So thanks for telling me that....I'm not that educated about that movie.

Ann Stewart: John Kerry won Nevada and the District of Columbia. John Kerry is so far a head, he doen't look like he can be beat. The other candidates' are going to have to win in the upcoming Wisconsin primary on Tuesday. Do you think Dean or Edwards has a chance in Wisconsin.

Wayne in Missouri: Ann,--I think Kerry will run away with Wisconsin. I'd like Dean or Edwards to offer a strong challenge there, but I don't think it will happen. Kerry will probably win by a wide margin as he has been doing in other states.

Laura in LA: Ann, Kerry wins WI. I don't see how Kerry cannot win the nomination much to my chagrin. I think Edwards may have a stronger second showing than expected. I think Dean should drop out after WI - no use beating the dead horse. I'm planning on voting for Edwards in California on March 2nd. Kerry was my 5th choice for many reasons but, I'm still waiting for DC, Arty, and now our new friend, Bush in 2004, to dig up dirt. Come on, you guys can do better than this ALLEGATION of cheating. Kerry's has a 20 year record to dissect, get to it. I'm not going to help you because that would be no fun.

Ann Stewart: Thanks for the comments folks.
Friday, February 13, 2004
  Maria Celeste
There is a gal on Telemundo who hosts a popular news program in Spainsh. Her name is Maria Celeste. Her show is Al Rojo Vivo! Know any Spainsh, Ann!

Ann: I know a tiny bit of Spanish...Que pasa?....Como te llamas? 
Wednesday, February 11, 2004
Backwards: Jack's on a tirade about the Atkins diet today. Billyboy announced that he tried it about four years ago, and loved it. Soley gave one of her faces and obviously disagreed with him. Me, too. Pass the pasta and nobody gets hurt.

Ann Stewart: I'm agreeing with Bill Hemmer...I tried the Atkins diet and it worked for me...but I hated eating just meat all the time. So I went off of it, and as soon as you start taking in carbs again you start gaining weight again...This Atkins diet is not for everyone, cause when I was pregnant with twins I was told you can't be on the Atkins diet cause you need carbs for the babies....So pregnant women can't be on the Atkins diet that I know of. They say the carbs are good for the babies brain development.

Jet: I also tried this diet a few years ago and I must agree with Bill. I really enjoyed eating that way mostly because of the way I felt after a meal. I was never ever uncomfortable with that stuffed feeling. I really should go back on it. I don't need to lose weight but I would like to feel better. I think I'm one of those people that doesn't digest carbs well. But I love them just the same. Hey I'm Italian so I'll never be able to really give up pasta. Our lives are built around food and wine!

Yeshufreak: Yesssss, preciousssssssss, that why we feeds him chickenses and tapiocas in the dungeon. . . oh, forget it. . . .Oh! if feel a limerick coming on. . . about meat. . . and other meat-aphors. . . (help, Scarlet!). Btw, this diet stuff really concerns me. I feel I must recommend a book called "Food and Healing" [] that *changed my life*. The book isn't about dieting at all; rather it gives you all the information you need (more than you need, really) to make good decisions for yourself when you go to the grocery store. By applying what I learned from the book, I've taught myself how to listen to by body and know what it's *really* asking for (sometimes) when I crave chocolate, etc. The author doesn't promote any kind of diet, other than the one that each of us should figure out for ourselves. And I'm telling you the "south philly ceej plan" includes carbs, by God: whole grains, especially (aren't they supposed to be the staff of life? Well, this books tells you exactly why they really are. . .). I have issues with my joints, so I need maintain my weight by eating properly, and this book taught me how to do it, and it allowed me to figure it all out *for myself*, too. I recently lost 25 pounds mostly by adjusting the way I eat. I could go on and on, but that's my promo for the week.

Scarlet Termite: I , myself, have been using the South Beach diet and it is working much better for me than the Atkins did. After one gets past the first two weeks, it's much less restrictive. I have lost about 12 lbs. so far. This diet allows certain carbs and it is seriously high fiber which means I have been in pain for about a week now, heehee. But I am having no problems maintaining it which is good. I do feel alot better, too. All I have to do now is motivate myself to exercise. I want to get the upper body strength up. Tennis season is just around the corner!

Peach: Hello all...It was wonderful to see the beloved doc today because I have not seen him in a long time. When he spoke about the Atkins diet today, it was a little frightening, because I am on it. I'm not sure what its long-term effects are going to be on me, but right now it has worked absolute wonders for me and I am still completely healthy. Since Dr. Atkins's personal health is stirring up quite a bit of controversy, I'm including a couple links to articles from the Atkins website basically telling his side of the story. One of them is written by his wife, the other is written by a doctor. I hope you all have a wonderful day, and may Dr Gupta bestow thousands of Gupta kisses upon you!!

Ann Stewart: Hey thanks Peaches...I've been on the Atkins Diet before too and it worked for me really well especially in the beginning...I'm going to do a post on it cause there has been a lot of talk about the Atkins diet on the internet today...So I will use your post and Links....I just saw the good doctor do a report on sweeteners like Splenda and Nurta Sweet.....He didn't' t have anything bad to say about Splenda and that is the sweetener I use...I don't think Splenda has been around long enough for the Doctor studies to find anything wrong with it...Given time they will probably find a side effect from it...But being overweight is a worst side effect of Sugar...So I'll keep using the Splenda until they find out it cause early death or cancer or heart attacks or something.

Yeshuafreak: Be careful with the artificial sweeteners! I work with a woman who started using products containing NutraSweet in order to lose just a little weight and the result of it was that she now has to deal with vertigo and other side effects that will be with her for the rest of her life. She did some research, and found that it's not all that uncommon for someone to react so severely to faux sweeteners. Bottom line: our bodies need sugar. In particular, glucose is the preferred fuel of the brain, and what is very easily converted to glucose is table sugar. Now, no one needs 20 tsps a day to give her brain adequate fuel, but sugar is still *very* necessary (much like fat, a little goes a long way). Myself, I'll always choose what's real over what's not, and just learn to moderate my intake of it if it proves to be at all problematic. Just remember: you can fool your taste buds all you want, but your body knows what you are and are not giving it. And if it finds you're lacking in something, it will make you crave whatever it is your denying it, which leads to binging and therefore the possible negation of any effort one puts toward avoiding a certain food or food group. (More on this in "Food and Healing").

Debra: I call it the No Child Left Behind Diet.
Much better then the "No Cookie Left Behind" diet that I love. LOL I believe in leaving no cookie forlorn and uneaten. Seriously I am a now a diabetic so I have to make sure I don't keep too many of the wicked things in the house anymore. If they are in my cabinet I swear I can hear them calling to me B-i-t-e Me-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e Its a a siren song of sweetness.
As a diabetic I am on a modified version of Atkins. Low Carb but not zero carb so it is probably more like South Beach but doctors always say Atkins diet when they are talking low carb. I eat lots of veggies especially the leafy green ones, nuts, cheese, and lean meat especially chicken. Some grains but I have to be careful which ones. Diabetics call it the "No White" diet meaning no rice, potatoes, bread, flour, or sugar etc.

Ann Stewart: Sounds like a great diet to me Debra...I'm all for the no Cookie left behind....

Keziah: Ann, I have friends who have done Slimfast diets, liquid diets, powder diets, even stapling their stomachs to lose weight. I tried the Atkins diet about 2 years ago and it really does work. But there comes a time when you want more than meat, cheese, bacon and diet soda and water. Atkins diet is a big business now, really big, cook books, Atkins products in supermarkets, even fast food chains have their own "Atkins Approved" meals. Whether Dr. Atkins own health problems were a direct result of the diet or a result of getting on and off the diet over the years is something that only those closest to him really know. But the truth of the matter is that regardless of why he really died or why he was really overweight (Family claims it was water retention after he had a heart attack), people have to research the right diet plans for themselves. Atkins and diets like Atkins are temporarily sustainable, but sooner or later, that glass of orange juice, not part of Atkins diet, becomes more desirable than Shihab Rattansi's home phone number. We need to listen to our bodies, learn how to eat, be more active, ask our doctors lots of questions and learn to build plans that will benefit us in the long term. I try to eat what is right for me, exercise and drink lots and lots of water. I didn't see Sanjay talking about it. I bet he was smiling and lookin good.
Love, Keziah

Erin: Here's the transcript about Dr. Atkins. There was no link to
the other one. 

Ann Stewart: Today Michael and I went to polls and voted for John Kerry in Tennessee…We have struggled over this decision for months….I want to thank the group at the 2004 Election debate talk site for helping us know more about the candidates…I was not always for Kerry, but I loved the way he spoke and debated….I feel like he is a worth candidate against George W. Bush….My first choice of a candidate on the issue would have been Dennis Kucinich, but he doesn’t seem to have a chance and I guess I don’t think him being a single divorce man makes him very him very elect able…. I really don’t think he could beat Bush…Howard Dean and John Edwards would have been my next choices, but Howard Dean didn’t not debate well nor did he speak well in public and John Edwards would have been gold in my eyes, if he could have won the nomination, but I still thought Kerry had the best chance of beating Bush so I voted for Kerry….I hope I was right and If I’m wrong I’m sorry. I’m an independent…I vote for the man I think will do the best job…I have been wrong before because I voted for Bush. So we will just see how this election goes.

Sindhu Kumar: The thunder has rolled. Senator Kerry wins the Virginia and Tennessee primaries.

Ann Stewart: Yeap...You got that right Sindhu....Now if he can just win the Whitehouse...I still think it will be hard to beat Bush....Even with the foolish handling of the War with Iraq going against him...Kerry looks un-stoppable in the democratic primaries though.
Keith Brekhus: Scratching the surface on Bush going AWOL....
Expect this to hit the mainstream media in a few days in some form or another. Make of it what you wil.l

Laura in LA: What do you make of it Keith? I'm thinking there might be something to this. Also, Bush can cough up his pay stubs and end the debate .. if he doesn't, Kerry and the Dems can beat him up on his AWOL record for the next 9 months.

Keith Brekhus: I'm not sure what to make of it. I think it will damage Bush's credibility a little. Overall, I think it won't by itself be that big of deal, but right now the administration is bleeding to death from 1000 paper cuts--each wound (the plame affair, no WMDs, etc) is small but collectively they add up to a lot of damage.
I smell blood in the water...the sharks are circling...
Regime Change 2004--coming soon to a theatre near you.

Ann Stewart: Ok Keith and Laura…Talking about Bush going AWOL would probably make the democrats look like they are trying to attack President Bush and/or come up with dirt on him for the up-coming election…That is just my opinion…but if the Democrats get to negative on Bush people are going to get negative on the Democrats. And this is going to be a nasty Election…It looks like Kerry is going to be the one to face Bush now…So I hope he don’t make the same mistakes AL GORE made and just look like a angry man taking any shots he can at Bush…I hope they follow John Edwards way of staying positive though out the election…The biggest issue that can win Kerry the Presidency is talk Bush's bad handling of the war with Iraq…That issue of going to war with out proof WMD’s can end Bush’s Presidency if Kerry plays his political cards right. In this coming up Election it’s going to be hard to beat Bush…But I think the issue of Bush’s bad handling the war can be the main thing that gets Bush out of the Whitehouse…That’s just my opinion.

Keith Brekhus: I agree that Kerry (or whomever the Democratic nominee is) should avoid criticizing Bush going AWOL, but the press will bring it up anyway and it may have an effect.
Time magazine is coming out with a ocver this week posing the question "Does Bush have a credibility gap?". Not the question Bush wants to be featured on the cover of a mainstream national news magazine.

Laura in LA: nah, Ann, you see if BushCO wants to make this race all about Bush being strong on national security, etc. then the AWOL issue is fair game. Bush is saying "elect me, I'm tough on terrorists, etc.," then this is an issue that has legs. Even if the Dems just use it to keep Bush against the wall on the issue, advantage Dems. BushCO will have to step carefully on attacking Kerry or the Dems in general as being "weak on defense and national security." This is just an ace in the hole but I think if this link turns out to be true - that Bush was sent to the "bad boys" wing of the Guard and did not have to do a damn thing because his Daddy was a Congressman, then, well - that looks bad, bad.
It's going to be negative all over the place - count on that.

Ann Stewart: I hoping Bush throws the first nasty punch and not Kerry cause I think it will make Kerry look better in the publics eyes if he doesn't get to nasty to soon and remains above the negative campaigning...What I saw in his speech here in Nashville (which was on C-Span yesterday) was very negative toward George Bush. One of the main leaders in Kerry's Campaign called George W. Bush a SOB...than he said a SON OF A BUSH...I just hope Kerry wins on a more positive campaign and doesn't come off as being someone who is just digging for dirt on Bush...The War with Iraq and the WMD's being not found are enough for the Dem's to win this election if they play their cards right.

Keziah: He's a horrible Pres. As he put it, he's a war President. With him it is all about war. I think his own awol record is important because if he believes in war so much to change the world, why didn't he go out and fight? But he's quick to jump the gun and send others to war. So hopefully that will be addressed in a positive way, not bashing, as you said, like Gore did, because Gore just looked angry. I hope Kerry will take the high road and address issues not bash them. 
Keziah: Hey Ann--How are ya??? I am watching the Grammy's tonight. Janet was ask not to show up, but that weasel Justin is showing up. I can't stand him, he said he didn't know that was going to happen that it was a surprise to him. Please, he didn't look surprised to me. Besides, Janet said that 'we had planned it', 'we had planned it' was her and Justin.
Really, he's spineless. Anyways, I'm watching Shania Twain on People in the News. Let me know if you post on her, I Love her!!!!

Ann Stewart: Wow so Justin didn't admit to it or something...Hum...sounds strange...I think he should do what Janet did and ask forgiveness...

Sindhu Kumar: I too love Shania. Justin’s band mate from NSYNC, JC Chasez is going to appear on the pro-bowl half time show. it seems, that the NFL has asked him to make a few changes in the lyrics to one of the songs that he is singing and he has obliged, but there is another request that the NFL had asked, but this time, he promptly turned it down. Justin is really spineless, if he and Janet planned that super bowl stunt, he should be man enough to stand up and take responsibility for his actions.

Keziah: Hi Sindhu,--I heard that about JC too. He said on Thursday he wasn't going to perform at the pro bowl. Yeah Justin said he was shocked, he said he didn't expect that to happen. I saw the clip on CNN yesterday, all that was missing were the tears. C'mon, the man didn't look shocked. It's messed up that Janet was asked not to show up and is taking all the backlash and Justin shows up at the Grammy Awards. He's so fake and insincere, he'll only apologize if Barbara Walters offers him a one hour exclusive interview on 20/20 where he can tell his torrid tale. If that happens, BW should make sure to get her $'s Worth, with the all the sobbing. Shania is AWESOME!!!!! Too bad she didn't perform at the Grammy's. Beyonce and Prince burned, they were hot! They tore up the stage, it was cool that they opened the show with such a high energy performance.
The Beatles Tribute with Sting, Dave Mathews, Pharrell and Vince Gil was fun, the second part of the tribute sucked. It was great to Olivia Harrison and Ringo, Paul, but I was expecting like a Popurri of Beatles songs and some ancient clips, but none of that. The audience was kind of loud when Olivia Harrison was talking about George, which was rude, or maybe it was just the microphones acting up. Still, the Tribute could have been so much better, it was a crappy. I like Andre 3000's speech when he won, he just said, 'Thanks!' Short and Sweet, all the acceptance speeches should be limited to a minimum of words, cause some people go on for hours. Earth Wind and Fire is on with Outcast. I'm liking what I see and hear!

Ann Stewart: I thought Justin apologized at the Grammy’s tonight. Justin won a few awards at the Grammy’s.

Keziah: He said: "What occurred was unintentional, completely regrettable, and I apologize if you guys are offended," he said. That's not apologizing for what happened, that's just saying what he thinks people want to hear. It was not
unintentional, it was pre planned. The result was unintentional; he thought it would be different. It doesn't even matter anymore, that whole thing is already a big pain.

Ann Sterwart: I see what you mean Keziah...and I watched the Grammys tonight and I had forgotten that Robert Plamer had died. He was kind of young to die don't you think?
On a lighter note.Did you see Richard Marx?..Does that man get better and better looking with age? He is so beautiful.He still looks as good as he did when he first came into the music biz..and Kenny Logins was there tonight and he looked fine too.Do these men ever age? They looked great.I do want to say I wasn't much into the new hip hop music, but they had a lot of great costumes. What do you think?

Sindhu Kumar: Did you know that Richard Marx accepted the award on behalf of Luther Vandross whom he enjoys writing for. I love Richard Marx and have nearly all of his albums. His biggest hits weresatisfied, right here waiting. He also is producing country band Emerson drive's next record.

Ann Stewart: Yeah I a big fan of Richard Marx and Luther Vandross...I have always loved Richard's music...Great voice...Good-looking man too.
Sunday, February 08, 2004
Ann Stewart: Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts will win the Washington Democratic caucuses, CNN projects. Watch CNN or log on to for the latest news.

Keziah: Kerry Won in Washington with 48%.

Ann Stewart: Kerry wins Washington and Michigan….Alright does anybody got any comments on this…Keith predicted this…Hun Keith.
You can log on to John Kerry's website for more details.

Ann Stewart: The snow was falling hard today in Nashville, but was a good day for me cause today I met and spoke with Presidential Candidate John Kerry and Congressman Harold Ford Jr. They were present in Nashville, TN today at Belmont University and it was an honor to have them here in Nashville…John Kerry’s speech was high octane against President Bush, because when he spoke of all the negativity and wrong actions of President Bush the audience would shout “BRING IT ON….BRING IT ON” In a sense to say that they thought Kerry would be the man to beat President Bush. Because they of course do not think President Bush has done the title of Commander and Chief any Justices, they are just waiting for the moment to Crown Kerry President…Candidate Kerry spoke of his military training and stated he was the right man to bring the troops home. He said he knew what it was like to be in their shoes…I don’t think I am as sure of John Kerry being able to beat Bush as the rest of the people that were at John Kerry’s speech today are, but I will say John Kerry is a great speaker…He spoke well on the issues. He carried himself like a true President would…I was impressed with how Presidential he looks already, and he is still many months away from his could-be time in the Whitehouse.

On a lighter note when I spoke with Congressman Harold Ford Jr. after the speech of John Kerry’s was over.…I told him the women on the Internet look at him as sort of a Political God…That I have had many women friends on the internet that state he is the hottest thing in Politics…Harold Ford just smiled at me and I think he started blushing just a little…I told him about my online friend Keziah from New York who had written many love words for the handsome Tennessee Congressmen…And once again he seemed to blush…I saw Harold Ford Jr. for what he is…a kind polite well mannered man who is a little shy when women talk love and affection toward him…I run a website called Talk of Men and this site was set up to talk about men we admire and one of the most admired man on my website is Congressman Harold Ford. With just the few moments I spent with him today, it showed me why he is such an admired and desired man…When I would brag on how much women adore him and think that he is like a political God he just seemed to smile and blush. Let me tell you ladies this man would make any woman proud to stand next too him. I myself was really proud to stand next to him today. The woman who gets him could be the Luckiest lady in Tennessee or maybe even the world. I took a few pictures with him too…And he was nice enough to strike the pose with a winning smile. Thank you Congressman Ford…Just for being the man you are.

Ann Stewart
Site Editor of Talk Webzine


Keziah: Ohhhh Ann,--Tell him that I love him. I think he's brilliant and an inspiration to young people everywhere to follow their dreams and to be active participants in our World. Ann, please, please get a close up picture for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Definitely give him a kiss for me.

Ann Stewart: Keziah....I took many pictures of Congressman Harold Ford and I even told him about you Keziah...The pictures of him are fine...and I took a few with him and me together...I think he is such a sweetheart...

Georgia Peaches: Ann, I really liked your pictures of Congressman Harold Ford. He is really strikingly handsome.

Ann Stewart: Thanks Peaches...I just took those of him today.... I took 86 pictures of Ford and Kerry and most of them turned out good...So I have enough pictures to make websites on both of these men....You ladies will be happy to know that he is even more handsome in person and he has the prettiest brightest eyes you could ever see.

Keziah: I just saw the Harold Ford pictures. He's sooooo beautiful!!!!!!! And those eyes! What color are they? IS he tall? How does he smell? Tell me everything PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ann Stewart: He's about 4 or 5 inches taller than me and I'm about 5.8 I think...Maybe the shoes we had on would make a differance...So I think he's at least 6 foot or maybe a little less...I really didn't sniff him or anything...but he smelled OK to me...His eyes are bright...Like hazel with a little green or something...He's got real pretty bright eyes..

Keziah: Ann, Harold is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! I love the pictures you took of him. I bet he's even more gorgeous in person! And he's single!!!!!!! AWWWWWW! I bet you were thrilled.

Ann Stewart: Well I'm not single and I didn't ask him if he was...but he didn't have a wedding band on his finger that I could tell….So maybe you meet up with him someday and win his heart or something…You seem to adore him a awful lot.

Keziah: I love the ones you put up so far. Ann, please, please can you email me when you load them up? Ok, tell me, what color are those beautiful eyes? Are they green or blue?

Ann Stewart: Sure I can email them to you....His eyes looked bright hazel to me...but I didn't get a great look at his eyes close up...I just saw that his eyes were bright and pretty..

Keziah: Thank you thank you, I'd love it if you'd email them to me. Ann Thanks So MUCH!!!!!!

Ann Stewart: You're welcome Keziah.

Keziah: BTW, you saw Kerry in person, so in the botox debate, does he look like he did or didn't hop on the botox express?

Sindhu Kumar: Ann, those are great pictures of you, congressman Ford and John Kerry. Harold Ford, jr. is very highly thought of in the Democratic Party. He belongs to the blue-dog democrats (which support both parties legislation). I am sure he will be a major player for John Kerry should he get the nomination. Did you know that Al Gore and Joe Liberman let Harold speak at the 2000
convention in Los Angeles.

Ann Stewart:Thanks Sindhu and Keziah...No he didn't look like he had any surgery...He looked nice but he shows his age to me. Here is a picture where Kerry is hugging Harold Ford Jr. They must have become really close during this campaign…I would bet if Kerry becomes President he may offer the dear sweet Harold a better job or something…Who really knows?

Keziah: I do agree that Harold should get some kind of position in the Kerry administration. He's still too young to be vice President huh. What about Secretary of State? He'll be great at whatever he does. I think that as he matures, gains more experience and develops he will prove to be a great leader and skilled politician. Someday President Harold Ford!

Ann Stewart: Yeah I hope he makes it to the Whitehouse too...I would love to call him President Ford. That would be good for Tennessee...Harold Ford is just good for Tennessee.
Wednesday, February 04, 2004
Ann Stewart: My online friend Keziah sent me a story she found of a baby born with two heads that is going to go though surgery soon. Say a prayer for this child. Here is the link to the original story on AOL....And here is the story:

Baby Born With 2nd Head to Get Surgery
Changes for Survival Are Good, Doctor Says

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (Feb. 4) - A Dominican infant born with a second head will undergo a risky operation Friday to remove the appendage, which has a partially formed brain, ears, eyes and lips.

"We'll do everything we can to make this successful."
-Dr. Jorge Lazareff

The surgery is complicated because the two heads share arteries.

Led by a Los Angles-based neurosurgeon who successfully separated Guatemalan twins, the medical team will spend about 13 hours removing Rebeca Martinez's second head.

The 18 surgeons, nurses and doctors will cut off the undeveloped tissue, clip the veins and arteries and close the skull of the 7-week-old baby using a bone graft from another part of her body.

"We know this is a delicate operation," Rebeca's father, Franklyn Martinez, 28, told The Associated Press. "But we have a positive attitude."

CURE International, a Lemoyne, Pa.-based charity that gives medical care to disabled children in developing countries, is paying for the surgery and follow-up care.

Dr. Jorge Lazareff, director of pediatric neurosurgery at the University of California at Los Angeles' Mattel Children's Hospital, will lead the operation along with Dr. Benjamin Rivera, a neurosurgeon at the Medical Center of Santo Domingo. Lazareff led a team that successfully separated Guatemalan twin girls in 2002.

Doctors say if the surgery goes well Rebeca won't need physical therapy and will develop as a normal child.

Talk About It

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Rebeca was born on Dec. 17 with the undeveloped head of her twin, a condition known as craniopagus parasiticus.

Twins born conjoined at the head are extremely rare, accounting for one of every 2.5 million births. Parasitic twins like Rebeca are even rarer.

Rebeca is the eighth documented case in the world of craniopagus parasiticus, said Dr. Santiago Hazim, medical director at CURE International's Center for Orthopedic Specialties in Santo Domingo, where the surgery will be performed.

All the other documented infants died before birth, making it the first known surgery of its kind, Lazareff and Hazim said.

Hazim said the surgery must be done now so the pressure of Rebeca's other brain doesn't prevent her from developing.

Rebeca shares blood vessels and arteries with her second head. Although only partially developed, the mouth on her second head moves when Rebeca is being breast-fed. Tests indicate some activity in her second brain.

Martinez and his 26-year-old wife, Maria Gisela Hiciano, say doctors told them before Rebeca was born that she would have a tumor on her head, but none of the prenatal tests showed a second head developing.

Martinez works at a tailor's shop. Hiciano is a supermarket cashier. Together they make about $200 a month. They have two other children, ages 4 and 1.

Lazareff says Rebeca's chances of survival are good. Still, he refuses to make a prognosis.

"We'll do everything we can to make this successful," he said.

Keziah: It's terrible because siamese/conjoined twins used to be so rare. Now, especially lately, you hear about a new case practically every day. The other day there was a little girl born with a leg that looked like a fin. They were calling her little mermaid, because she looked like a mermaid. It was on the Spanish news.
What really shocked me about the story about the little girl with the 2 heads was that the other head moves it's mouth when the little girl is fed and there is brain activity in the other head.

Ann Stewart: It is sad but the baby has past away...Here is a link to the story from CNN.
Ann Stewart: John Kerry wins Arizona, Delaware, Missouri and North Dakota and New Mexico caucuses, …John Edwards wins South Carolina…Sen. Joe Lieberman announce his withdrawal from presidential race. I want to say to Joe Lieberman you fought the good fight. Wesley Clark wins Oklahoma barely. Any comments on this? 
Tuesday, February 03, 2004
Ann Stewart: Sen. John Edwards wins the South Carolina primary. Does anybody think Edwards can beat Kerry now?

Keith Brekhus: Ann,--It's possible that Edwards could beat Kerry but not likely because of the way the primary schedule is set up. Edwards will probably beat Kerry in the upcoming Tennessee and Virginia primaries which come after some caucuses that are likely to go to Kerry. But after that Edwards faces a Super Tuesday on March 2nd that has a bunch of northern states that favor Kerry. Outside of Georgia, Edwards doesn't have many favorable 3/2 states. If Kerry wins all but Georgia on 3/2 he'll have so much momentum that the bandwagon effect will be so strong that Edwards will not have the steam to compete even in the South. Also Edwards accepted matching funds so he is limited to spending 45 million in the primaries. Kerry faces no limits because he rejected matching funds. That means Kerry can outspend in a long race. So while it's possible I think it will be difficult.

Sindhu Kumar: If Edwards did not win South Carolina, he would be out. They are all beatable as we have seen in the past few weeks.

Ann Stewart: I would rather see John Edwards win...but I think Kerry will win it...I have taken a liking to John Edwards cause of his positive campaigning...but I always thought he was to pretty to be president...I thought his handsome looks would work against him...I even read in Time magazine where they said he's to Pretty....So he would make the most handsome president ever to be in the history of America.

Snoopy Fan: I'm not so sure on Edwards. I think Kerry is more in tune with the people. I think Kerry will win the nomination. I could be wrong though. 
Monday, February 02, 2004
  My anger over the outfit pulling stunt with Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson I am angry over this overexposure stunt pulled by Jusitn Timberlake and Janet Jackson at halftime during the Super Bowl! Anybody angry about it! Ann are you angry about it? I am!

posted by an Angry Sara

Ann: Sara go check out the Stars Talk blog...I posted comments on it. 
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