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Wednesday, October 29, 2003
  Talk on Howard Dean and the Television Debates
Jack: I have been watching the debates. Dean doesn't talk much. Wesley Clark talks all the time. Do you think that is some kind of strategy that Dean is using? I don't understand it. I was going to vote for Dean because he was against the war, but all the candidates are against the war so it don't really matter on that issue. I like the black lady. If she was a white man she might have a chance. She is good on issues.

Keith Brekhus: All the Democratic candidates are not against the war--- Lieberman, Edwards, Kerry and Gephardt all voted FOR the war when the resolution came before congress. Lieberman and Edwards still say they are for the war. Gephardt co-wrote the war resolution in the House. Kerry has sort of shifted from supporting the war to criticizing it, but he supported the resolution that sent our troops to Iraq.

Ann Stewart: You know Keith I have seen kinda what Jack is talking about. I have been watching the debates too, and you just don't hear much from Dean. I don't know if they are not letting him speak or just over looking him because there are so many candidates.

Keith Brekhus: I do think it will be more informative when the field winnows down to about four candidates. Its hard to get much substance with such a crowded field, although I think its great for democracy to have a full slate of candidates to choose from.

Laura in LA: Dean is electable! Keith is correct that the debates will be more informative when there are fewer candidates and, therefore, more time to respond adequately to questions. On this last Sunday's debate, they each only had 1 minute to respond. Could you respond to a question such as "what is your plan to eliminate the deficit" in one minute? I think not. When a candidate is the frontrunner ("Dean") at this stage of the cycle, all he/she has to do is not "misstep" and deflect attacks during a debate and that's a "win." I think this debate was pretty much equal time for all. The last debate, Kerry did get more time. Also, too, when allowed to rebut an "attack," you get more time. Hence, Clark seemed to have more time because he was on the receiving end of the majority of the attacks.

DC: The debates, at this time are only to help plant doubt in people's mind about the current leadership of the country. In time, I hope some real ideas are presented and the debates gets down to what will our world be like in 5-10 years if we don't "stay the course" in this terrorism fight. Some may argue that we bring on this fight, some may argue that we just don't run from it. Either way you look at it, there are extremists in the world who feel their's is the ONLY way, we must be a country that leads, not follows! 
Tuesday, October 28, 2003
  Congressman Harold Ford Jr. Endorsed John Kerry For President
Harold Ford Jr.: Dear Friend, As you might know, I have endorsed Senator John Kerry for President. And I am now one of Senator Kerry's National Co-Chairs for the campaign. I have joined the Kerry team because I believe Senator Kerry is the most qualified candidate to take back the White House in 2004.
My appointment as a National Campaign Co-Chair and Chair for the Kerry Campaign in Tennessee proves Kerry is focused on Tennessee as one of the most important states. I would like to take this opportunity ask you to become part of the Tennesseans for Kerry Team.
If you are interested in becoming a member of the Tennesseans for Kerry Team you can contact the Kerry for President Headquarters in Tennessee.
John Kerry for President
Field Director
I look forward to working with you and other Tennesseans in electing Senator John Kerry as the next President of the United States.
Congressman Harold Ford, Jr

Saturday, October 25, 2003
  Scarlet Termite Talks on Bill Hemmer I am 86% Evil Genius

I am pure evil. I lie awake at night
devising schemes of world domination, and I will not rest until
all living souls bend to my will.

Take the Evil Genius Test at
Think I can attract Bills' attention now? 
Tuesday, October 21, 2003
  Talk on the UN and President Bush
Betty White: My vote is going to Bush. He's an honorable man. He's a good Christian man and he's doing everything for the good of the country. I got 2 sons serving our country now. One is over in Iraq right now in the 101st division. He's a truck driver for the 101st fuel division. My other son just came home from Iraq and he is in Fort Stewart Georgia. He told me Mom, those people over in Iraq love us and they are so happy for our help. My son said we did the right thing for those people. They are happy to be liberated from Saddam and they love us.

Ann Stewart: Wow Betty White --You have 2 boys in the War? That must be kinda scary for you. I have noticed that a lot of military people seem to be voting for Bush this time around and last time too. I hope your boys are safe though this war and thanks for your comments.

Melissa in Puerto Rico: The Role of the United Nations in the Iraqi Conflict The reason that the United Nations was created was, to establish peace and well being among nations. But for the past two decades, we have seen that the United Nations has not lived up to its “motto”. We have seen dictators rise, genocides, wars, violent terrorist attacks, etc. Has the United Nations lived up to its real purpose or have they acted only on self-interest? The role of the United Nations in Iraq has been one of conflict. We can observe what was the reaction of the United Nations towards Saddam Hussein when he committed genocide on his own citizens in 1988, and when he invaded Kuwait in 1991.

In 1988, the Iraqi regime, lead by the Saddam Hussein, launched a horrible attack on the city of Halabja, Iraq. The city of Halabja, a city populated mostly by Kurds, was attacked on the morning of March 18,1988 by the Iraqi regime who used chemical and cluster bombs on its own citizens. The three-day attack turned out to be one of the most horrible attacks by Saddam Hussein; an estimated 5,000 people died during the attacks, 75% of the dead were women and children. The United Nations verbally condemned the attacks, but took no further actions against Saddam Hussein and his government.

We see a drastic change on the way that the United Nations views Saddam Hussein, when the dictator invaded Kuwait in 1991. A coalition force, lead by the United States, engaged war against Saddam Hussein, which came out to be the Gulf War of 1991. Although, Saddam Hussein backed out from Kuwait, the results of the war were devastating. His actions after the war, lead the United Nations to set economic sanctions over Iraq. The United Nations sanctions stated, for the sake of world security, that Iraq could no longer have any possession of weapons of mass destruction, create any banded weapons or have an active program to do so. The United States and the United Kingdom have stated that while Saddam Hussein was in power, that they would veto any decision to lift the sanctions over Iraq. The United Nations created a program called “Oil-for-Food Program” in 1997 to relieve some of the humanitarian crisis in Iraq.

Iraq has suffered through wars and dictators. It suffered under the hands of a man who only cared about himself. He was willing to eliminate anyone who stood in his path, even if it was his own people. But we’ve seen that while people suffer and die everyday, the U.N. has done barely anything to solve Iraq’s problems. Now, more than ever, Iraq needs the help of the International Community. Iraq has no stable government, law or peace among its citizens. Once again we’ve seen that the United Nations’ real goal was to gain world power instead of world peace.

Ann Stewart: Melissa has a blog where you can read more of her writing. 
Monday, October 20, 2003
  Conjoined Twins
Anderson Cooper’s show 360 on CNN will be having a special all this week on conjoined twins. Dr Sanjay Gupta will be going over the different cases we have seen of conjoined twins that have gone though the separation surgical procedures. This is a very interesting show, you don’t want to miss it 
  David Blaine is Nuts
Ann Stewart: I will admit to being a fan of David Blaine’s. I love his street walking magic tricks. I thought it was every entertaining to watch him walk around and shock people on the street with his illusions, but this stunt he did in England where he was in a box for 44 days with out food was just foolish and boring. Why would anybody want to watch a guy stuck in a box for days with nothing to eat. There’s no entertainment in that. David Please stick to magic tricks and stops doing this silly starving in a box stuff. It’s just ignorant.

I also noticed that he didn’t look any skinner even though Dr. Gupta on CNN stated he was 55 pounds lighter. He looked health to me and he was walking and talking and he even did a press conference after he came out of the box. He looked great. He grew his hair out while he was up there trapped in that box too. That’s got to be the best thing that happened to David Blaine is that he let his hair grow out and he looked good with hair. He usually shaves it all off. David Blaine is a nice looking man. I’m adding him to the list of Hot New Guys, even though I think he’s nuts for pulling this stunt. You guys have any comments on this story I can add to my news blog folks?

Michael Bohannon: That David Baine is amazing, but he's been doing some stupid shit lately. What does he think he's trying to prove-- starving himself in a box. That's not amazing, that's just stupid. 
Sunday, October 19, 2003
  Is Pope John Paul II Retiring?
"The Pope is retiring. That stunning announcement is made by Navarro-Valls, Director of the Vatican in a special press conference made hours after a joyous celebration today of the
Beatification of Mother Theresa.

'...For the continued reform and progress of the Church, the Holy Spirit has moved His Apolistic Father, Pope John Paul II, to retire. The future of the Pontificate is to be decided according to the Universi Dominici Gregis at the next conclave of Cardinals.' Navarro-Valls did not specifically mention the physical condition of the Pope, who suffers from Parkinson's disease, and arthritis, as a possible factor in his decision,
something which Vatican insiders have strongly suggested.

The retirement is unprecedented in the history of the Vatican, now it is up to the..."

Scarlet Termite: I read on that the Pope is not retiring. I didn't think the Pope was allowed to retire anyway. I thought he was Pope til he died then they picked another Pope. It really is too bad that he can't though. Has anyone seen him lately? He looks too pooped to Pope!
Sorry, I couldn't resist that.

Ann Stewart: I also read that he is not retiring. I think he should. There was a question that was brought up as to when a Pope should be allowed to retire. I think he should be allowed if he wants to.

Sindhu Kumar: The pope is in bad shape with advanced parkinsons disease. He should try considering puting a pontiff in place. 
Saturday, October 18, 2003
  Prince Ali of Jordan
Keziah: Ali is the head of King Abdullah's security force. Did you know he's also in charge of the security for Saddam's daughters who fled to Jordan and were given protection by King Abdullah. Also this is the bio Princess Haya has:

HRH Prince Ali received his early education in Jordan. In 1987 he attended Papplewick Preparatory School in Ascot, England, before going to Deerfield academy, in Massachusetts, U.S.A., graduating in June 1993.

HRH Prince Ali then joined the Jordanian Army and was attached to the Special Forces. There he earned his Free Falling Parachuting 'Wings' and his Scuba Diving Qualifications. In January 1994 he attended the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, and was commissioned as an officer on the 9th of December, 1994. At Sandhurst, he became a certified Marksman, a military Medical Technician, and received the Brunei Medal of excellence,, as well as an 'A' (Honors) grade in his final report. His Royal Highness is now the Chief Commander of His Majesty King Abdullah's Special Security Force.

In Jordan, HRH Prince Ali is the President of the Jordan Football Federation, and the honorary President of the Prince Ali Bin AI Hussein Club for the Deaf. He is the President of the Royal Jordanian Parachute Club. He is also the Honorary President of the AI Jeel AIJadeed Club.

Prince Ali is fluent in Arabic and English and has studied French and Circassian. His hobbies include Skydiving, Scuba Diving, Wrestling (he was a state Champion Wrestler at High school), Boxing, Water and Snow Skiing. His interests include History and the Environment."
The Photo is by Yousef Allan
  Dr. Sanjay Gupta's School of Sexology Scarlet Termites reports on the possible invention of the Dr. Gupta School of School of Sexology.

Scarlet Termite: The Gupta school features the finest in sexual studies including courses in “That Feels Good, Do That Again” and “No, There! There! Oh Yeah!” All premium courses are taught bu Dr. Gupta himself using his unique “hands-on” approach to teaching. Dr. Gupta uses innovative techniques such as the “Weekend Tied to a Chair” and encourages student participation.
The Gupta School offers lectures by experts in the field. Such lectures include

“You Have Nice Child-Bearing Hips: the pros and cons of the come-on” given by William G. Hemmer, preeminent authority on the subject. Other lectures offered are:

“How to Get Baby-Butt Soft Skin” by Kris Osborn

“How to be a dried up Prune and still get babes” by Larry King (professor Emeritus)

“Dress for Success; or the Victoria’s Secret Method” by Anderson Cooper*
*busters optional

Dr.Sanjay Gupta’s School of Sexology, the harassment you want, the sex you deserve.

Ann Stewart: Oh Scarlet you forgot about Richard Quest’s class on how to talk loud and have very loud sex.

Scarlet Termite: Ah yes! Richard Quest, the noted lecturer , will be giving a seminar on,"Sex in Decibels" in a soundproof room (provided one can be found). Included in this seminar will be workshops on yelping and speaking in tongues. A roundtable discussion on the pros and cons of hearing protection will be held, also.

Jet: I like this School of Sexology. We need to think of some other courses Bill could teach. Of course he will have to give one on one tutoring sessions after class!

Sindhu Kumar: Well, if you are considering joining the Dr. Gupta school of sex, I am joining too and may be the rest of the Gupta gab fest gang. 
  Loco Richard
Scarlet Termite: Before I go to bed I just wanted to mention that I saw Richard Quest on American Morning today and he made me laugh so hard that I actually slid off the couch and received incredulous and slightly alarmed looks from my cats. And he really DOES look like a cross between Roger Daltrey and a muppet! He is great!

Carola: This is photo the new program together Liz George hosted the CNN and Richard Quest and logo this program 
  The Sex Grandma Sue
Scarlet Termite: What kind of sex tips can a grandma give you? Five new ways to disguise Viagra in food? Better sex with Geritol?
Dirty Dancing with Lawrence Welk? How to pick up guys at the retirement home? It's an oxygen tank AND a dildo!

Ann Stewart: No Scarlet the sex grandma didn't teach me much. Like the aliens Bill Hemmer and Anderson Cooper, I'm still a virgin too. I don't know how to have sex and Grandma sex thang couldn't teach me. I didn't want to sleep with her either, but if Dr. Sanjay Gupta comes alone and wants to teach me, I will learn real fast. I'm ready for lessons from him. I want to enroll in the Dr. Sanjay Gupta school of sex. That's the only way I would pay attention.

Sindhu Kumar: I know Ann! But she was a hoot! 
  Anderson Alien
Scarlet Termite: I think it kinda looks like Anderson Cooper. What do you think?

Ann Stewart: It seems as though Bill Hemmer is not the only alien that works at CNN. It has been reported by Scarlet Termite that Anderson has been seen and even photographed in his true alien form. This is a picture of Anderson when he changes to his alien form at night. Source say Anderson admits being from another plant, but denies that he has ever has sex with an earthling. He claims he is still a virgin and is waiting for the right alien to come along. Until the right alien comes along, Anderson will remain on our bachelor list. I know there are many freaks online at this talk site that have always wanted to make love to this alien. 
  Bill Alien
Ann Stewart: This just in—Bill Hemmer has been spotted in his alien form and photographed last night by our own Talk of Men reporter Scarlet Termite. Scarlet claims she tried to have sex with the alien creature Bill and he got scared and ran away. It’s safe to now assume both of the aliens Anderson and Bill are still virgins, and are to frighten to give their virginity to an earth women. Maybe they want an alien women just like them. Who knows? Stay tuned for more updates on this story.  
Friday, October 17, 2003
  Keziah’s Talk on Prince Ali, Gotham and Crown Prince Sheikh Jassin
Ann Stewart: I made a new friend on line who wrote me an email and gave me some pictures of the beautiful royal men of Jordan such as Prince Ali, Gotham, and Crown Prince Sheikh Jassim of Qatar. These pictures came from Petra. So I want to give credit to Petra for the pictures.

Keziah: Hi Ann,----I love your website! What happened to Prince Ali of Jordan? Is he no longer a bachelor? I know his younger bro recently got hitched, but he may be single still. Also, Deepak Chopra's son Gotham is soooooo hot!!! Have you thought about putting him on your site?

Ann Stewart: Well Prince Hamzah Official Webmaster Contacted me and I have to make sure I do a lot of things to get the rights to use their photos. They said I could use their photos, but I got do a bunch of stuff to make it legal I think. That’s why I had to remove the pictures of Prince Hamzah, Prince Hashim, and Prince Ali from the page. So if you don't mind I would like to use your email and post and put Prince Ali on my news blog at I really love Prince Ali pictures. That is one fine Prince. It surprises me he is not more well known. I think he's like the best looking royal there is out there. I have had a soft spot for him ever since I read on the Internet that his mom died when he was 2. That just broke my heart. I will put him back on as many pages as I can for you OK.

Keziah: Prince Ali is FINE!!!!!!! It is so sad that his mother died, his sister Haya writes on her website that Queen Alia had a special Love for her little Ali. He was born 2 days before her birthday. I think he's one of the hottest princes out there and certainly the sexiest! I guess he's waiting to get married. LOL, I hope he takes his sweet time! I have some pictures of Gotham, I'll send them to you.

Ann Stewart: Wow Keziah, I love all the pictures you sent. They are awesome I’ve never seen them before. I want Petra to be Ok with me using them for my website. I wouldn’t want to upset the Jordan Royal family either. So I will write them and tell them about it. Thanks Keziah, I can build a whole picture page on these pictures.

Keziah: Here are some more pics of Ali. I got these from the Petra news site and others from different scans. These are the pics of Gotham. I don't know much about him. I think he's single. I am also sending you a pic of Sheikh Jassim of Qatar and some of Ali. This email has a few pictures of Sheikh Jassim of Qatar. He used to be the Crown Prince but abdicated in favor of his younger bro Tamim. Jassim was born in 1978. I think he's cute, but you may not. LOL, it's ok.
I got these pics from 2 websites. One is a Qatari site and the other is a page called AMWAGE.NET. I hope you like them.

Ann Stewart: I do like them. Thank you so much Keziah. You’re the best.

Keziah: Here are some more Ali pics and some of Hashim too. The problem with getting Ali pictures is that King Abdullah is always standing in front of him. LOL, you can cut him out, I usually do. You're very welcome. I am happy to send you pics of Ali and Gotham. You don't have to give me credit for the pictures; it's my pleasure to send them! I'm not sure what Petra's 'rules' are about posting them, but I've seen other places where they just post them and say this is from Petra or whatever. I think Ali is sometimes overlooked. Usually his bros get all the attention; he's usually mentioned once in a while some place. I think they should mention him more. Hashim is cute too. He's 22, but looks soooooo much younger. I like what you wrote about Sanjay Gupta and Bill Hemmer. Seriously until I saw your site, I thought those two were married with a couple of kids!

Ann Stewart: Prince Ali is head of King Abdullah’s security right? Wow I'm just going over your pictures you sent me and they are great. I'm going to have to open a new webstie to hold them all. Thanks so much
Ann Stewart
Your online friend
Site Editor 
  Separated at birth? Will Ferrell of Saturday Night Live fame and Harris Whitbeck, CNN correspondent
Thursday, October 16, 2003
  Oi Maria! Pinkpanther: Hola Maria, tudo bem? Voce e do Brasil! Eu falo um pouquinho portugues. Entao, voce esta namorada da Becky? Ela e estranha. E homem o mulher? 
  Becky Anderson: Man or Women?
Maria Yung: O homem mais lindo da CNN é Becky Anderson!

Ann Stewart: Maria who's Becky Anderson?

Maria Yung: The good man of CNN is Becky Anderson!
I love you...

Ann Stewart: Gee Maria--I just looked at Becky's CNN profile and it said she was a woman. So I tell you what, I will post your post about her on the People's Talk site. Go check there for your words to be posted by the end of today. Is she gay or something? She does look a little manly.

Maria Yung: Ann Stewart,--Becky Anderson is a beautiful ''gils'' of the CNN. I love this! Ann Stewart,--so sorry,I dont know about Becky ,woman or man.
She is a beatiful. Dear Becky Anderson,---Eu adoro seu trabalho,seu jeito de ser...
Gostaria de conhece-la e fazer amizade.
Um grande abraço,
Maria Yung.
Wednesday, October 15, 2003
  G'day, Mate! I do love an Aussie accent!

Tuesday, October 14, 2003
  Melissa on John Vause
Melissa: John Vause is a correspondant/anchor for CNN. He appears mostly on CNNI. There isn't much information about this gorgous man, but for what I've seen some people like him and some people just think hes full of it. Well, I know that hes Australian (Aussie) from the west coast of Australia. He started working for CNN in June of 2001. He has covered important stories and events, including the latest war in Iraq. From the information bits I've read, hes is engaged (although I doubt he will marry in the near future, cause he still doesn't have a ring on; he used to have one on his pinky but its not there anymore, maybe there is still hope). He has been called "prettyboy from holloywood" to a "jim henson muppet". He has been spotted with an Aussie/British actress (whos name isnt important to me), and has been know to tease his fellow colleagues (from calling the CNN team in Kuwait "team vause" and teasing the weatherwoman for her poke-a-dot skirt). Hes fun too watch, and it seems there are alot of people who are interested in him.
  R. Wesolowski Jr On Rush Limbaugh
R. Wesolowski Jr.: Mr. Harris, Of course Rush Limbaugh's racial comments were wrong and there is no place for them in today's times or in any times. But you would serve yourself better sticking to that part or the story because his sports commentary was accurate. You supported McNabb by evidencing his pro bowl appearances. These appearances are by reutation which lag behind by a year or two. The fact is that this year he is rated 31 out of 32 in QB rating in the league as reported by Philadelphia Sports Radio 610 WIP and that was before his dismal performance in Dallas. I like Donovan as a player and a person but unfortunately even when the water boy isn't performing well, the QB gets the blame. Just the nature of the position. And criticizing his performance this year is warranted. As the saying goes - "What have you done for me lately". I hope the Eagles, lead by McNabb, can turn it around. I'm a fan! 
  Richard Quest Coming to CNNI
Carolyne: Richard Quest new program is on CNN international. Richard Quest and Liz George, go global office premiere 21 October. Best and wishes in new program.

Ann Stewart: Thanks Carolyne--I will be sure to post that on all the news blogs so the folks will see it and won't miss it.

  Talk on Leander Paes
Flower: Does anybody like Leander Paes? He is a Tennisplayer. He is number 73 in single and in double number 1. I want to know if anybody likes him? I think he looks okay.

Ann Stewart: Yeah Flower--I thought he was kinda cute. I'm doing a post for Kim on Brad Pitt and Russell Crow so I can do a post on Leander Paes for you. We like to talk about all kinds of men here. A tennis player is an interesting choice. Good one 
  Kim Talks on Russell Crowe and Brad Pitt
Kim: Ann since you are doing a site about men, would you be inclined to put Brad Pitt or Russell Crowe on your site. I know you mostly only talk about CNN men, and I think they are nice to look at, but I have been going though a Russell Crow stage. Russell has been who I’m dishing on.

Ann Stewart: Sure Kim—I’ll be doing a site on actors soon as I get the time and I will add your men to the site.
  jamie oliver, the naked chef
joy: catch the naked chef, jamie oliver, on the today show all this week. 
Monday, October 13, 2003
  Twin? Scarlet Termite: Separated at birth?--Frank Newport who does the Gallup Poll report on CNN and David Hyde-Pierce who plays Niles Crane on Frasier.

Ann Stewart: Your right Scarlet. I don’t know which one is which.  
  Oh Boy! A new blog! Heya Ann,
Thank you so very much for giving me yet another opportunity for annoyance and inanity.
I was at the grocery store tonight and while I stood in line to check out I saw that a baby Loch Ness monster has been caught, somebody apparently wants to dig up Princess Di, and Britney Spears has run away with a married man. Now I ask you, why can't we see quality news stories like this on CNN?

  Wow I'm Blogging Hi Ann
Thanks for teaching me how to use a blog. I want to say I hope Leilberman wins the 2004 Election and I think Wolf Blitzer is a fine reporter. I also think Bill Hemmer and Ash-har(I can't spell his last name) of CNN are fine. I hope to be a great blogger someday. Thanks Ann for showing me how to use a blog.

  Hey Ann, It worked for me too. Can I edit Guava's post and make it look like she has lots of typos? ;)

  Dear Ann, It worked! I just signed in and got through to post here to wish you good luck with this new site. So I can post any information about anything I want about anybody in the world, huh? What a shame I can't think of a darn thing at the moment. Maybe I'll come back later with a message for you to pass along to Rush Limbaugh... ;)

Sunday, October 12, 2003
  My Family's Talk on the Presidential Election

Ann Stewart: I received these interesting Pro-Bush pictures from a unknown person when my family came to visit me in Tennessee and gave me their opinions on the election at the 2004 online debate.

Mo Sugai, AZ: A couple of photos you will not see in our media:

B. Bohannon: Hi everybody...I'm Steve's Michael's and Ann's brother. This will probably be the first and the last time I will post here because I am in the middle of moving to Kentucky and I do not have Internet access right now. First of all I want to say I'm proud of my baby sister for making this place on the web, where people can come and put their opinions down and other people can read it. When my sister asked me for my opinion on the election I told her she didn't want my opinion of the Democratic Party. I'm not a democratic, I'm not a liberal and I have never agreed with the Democratic liberal Party. I served in the military for 7 years. I believe the military has done a great job under the Bush administration. I feel like in the last decade Bush has been the most honest meaningful mission principled-based president there has been.

People there is a difference between politicians who say they are going to do something and politicians who really do something. Bush is a man who really does what he says he is going to do. I have to agree with my older brother Steven. Bush should be re-elected. My younger sister Ann may vote democratic this time, but she is a republican at heart and so am I. I think if the war with Iraq wouldn't have happened she'd be voting republican again, but I have never voted democratic and I probably never will. I believe the republicans have ran the government better in the last few years than it's ever been ran in the past decade. To keep this great governing going we need to keep Bush right where he is in the Whitehouse.

Pam Bohannon: Hi everybody I'm B. Bohannon's wife Pam. I am also a republican and I will be voting for the republican side. I want to see the other candidates though. I like Bush and I feel like he's done a great job.

Jennifer (Bush Supporter): Pam and B. Bohannon thank you for those posts. It's good to hear from fellow Bush supporters. I'm glad I'm not alone.

Rev. Jethery Bohannon TX.: Well folks I'm the father of all the Bohannon kids. I'm here in Tennessee visiting my daughter Ann. I am undecided on whom to vote for at this time around. I voted for Bush in the last election, but I'm not real sure who to vote for now, but the man that will get into the Presidency will be the one who God wants in there. I thought Regan was one of the best presidents we have had in the US. I was hoping that Bush would do a better job. I think Bush has done his best in somethings, but I know the war brought a lot of hard feelings toward him. I pray for the man who gets in to the Whitehouse this next time, because there will be many problems for the next President to tackle.

Buelah Bohannon from TX.: Well I'm the mother of all these Bohannon kids and I'm defiantly not voting for Bush. People are tried of the foolish things he has done to this country. I agree with my daughter Ann in this debate that the war was a mistake, cause by a foolish ignorant president that had no right to attack the country of Iraq. People are tried of his lies and deception. I think in a way Bush has done well on security by doing things like putting Tom Ridge in Homeland Security and I like that part of it because as of 9/11 we needed that tighter security, but economically our country needs more help than ever before cause people are out of work and hurting. Bush has dug American in to a economical hole. I have no idea how we are going to get out of it.

Ann Bohannon Stewart: I want to thank my family for giving me their comments and opinions. Especial my mother for agreeing with me...I could always count on you mom.
Thanks for the comments

Steven Bohannon: Just to add a belated two cents worth: I don't like falling anywhere in the political spectrum. I think most people believe that we need an economy that has a robust, business-driven engine and a strong military (including intelligence and terrorist-interdiction capabilties) to protect us from our numerous adversaries. These necessities are those that are most breathlessly promoted by the Republican Party. Conversly, most of us agree that we need a strong economic middle class and a social safety net that addresses abject poverty in this country for those who are, sometimes through little more than genetic predisposition or just bad luck, factored out of the free market opportunity in this country. We can recall the horrors of the industrial age when we consider John Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath and other foreboding tales. The Democrats, at least in their rhetoric, seem to be more aware of these types of issues.
In the political arena, when you consider all these concerns that the electorate should have, it makes it difficult to place one clear-cut candidate over the rest. The electorate generally seems to favor the moderate candidate that considers these issues and attempts to be an advocate for each of them. The wild card in presidential politics is where the candidates come down on the social or moral issues, such as abortion, civil rights for minorities and majorities, the pledge of allegiance, school prayer, religious freedoms, and other such issues. I believe an ardent minority actually use these issues as litmus tests that override the primary issues to most Americans mentioned above.
Factoring in all these considerations with an eye toward 2004, I believe that President Bush is in a strong positions to recapture the presidency. However, he is not in an unassailable position. I believe the president is perceived and generally recognized as strong on national security with his well-publicized strategy of terrorist interdiction that was formulated (certainly with his crack team of advisors involved in policy decisions)after September 11th. Most Americans, including most Democrats, are generally supportive of the president's efforts, and if he does reign in much of the potential for terrorism against America, he will likely establish a legacy for that one paramount accomplishment. Where the president is vulnerable, just like his dad, is on the economy, and the media is very aware of this Achilles heel. So far the so-called economic recovery has been a jobless one, with unemployment rates on the rise. The stock market may rebound, but a recovery that doesn't provide employment opportunities for those who have been displaced by the most recent recession is not one that will cause the electorate to cast ballots for George W. with any enthusiasm. Here is where candidates like Howard Dean and Dick Gephart can challenge the president, and already are, because there are certainly astute politicians in the opposition. Mr. Dean, in particular, although a darling of the liberal establishment, may have to watch what he says on the topic of national defense. I don't believe that his recent pronouncement that the United States will not always have the strongest military in the world aids his cause with American voters. He can have an ardent base of support with all the liberals in America, and even score on some pocket-book issues such as middle-class targeted tax cuts, and still get trounced on election day if he comes off sounding week on national security. I would think that the more conservative Democratic candidates, someone like Joe Lieberman, could use his strong positions on national defense to draw out an advantage over his Democratic rivals, particularly in the Southeast and Midwest parts of the country.
I'm not sure at this stage which candidate has the advantage in the realm of social issues. There is currently a raging debate about the meaning of "marriage" in this country, and I think both major parties are seeking to cast that debate in their favor. I have to say that I'm on the side of the traditional interpretation of what marriage means, but I totally abhor discrimination and persecution of anybody.
At this point I don't have a clear indication about who will win this election, or who I will support. Maybe this forum will help me make up my mind.

Michael Bohannon: I saw someone on CNN- I don't remember who, but I think they made a good point. He said that the security from terrorism has replaced the economy as the most important issue, and that Americans might forgive Bush for the economy if he can make them feel safe. I think that is a good point to consider. If 9/11 would have never happened then Bush would certainly be thrown out on his rear due to the bad economy, but now he has another issue to revitalize his campaign. I don't mean to sound insensitive to the victims, nonetheless this is a relevant issue and whether the Democrats can allay the American people's fear from another attack may be the overriding issue. Unfortunately, it may also be the issue that gets Bush back in office. In the end, its security vs. the economy and which the American people believe to be more important. 
  Dr Gupta on Medical Mistakes

Ann Stewart: I was watching my favorite newsman today on Oprah. I heard some really heartbreaking horrifying stories. A man lost his penis, without even knowing that was a possibility before he went into the surgery. A woman was told she had breast cancer. Her breast were amputated and later on she found out she didn’t even have any cancer at all. A woman’s water broke when she was pregnant with twins and the doctors let her lay in bed in the hospital for several days with out doing a cesarean. One of her twin boys had brain damage because of it. These are just some of the stories that were told on Oprah’s show. After this show aired the Gupta Gab got really busy and a lot of folks wrote in with their stories of seeing Dr. Gupta on Oprah’s Medical Mistakes show. Read what they had to say.

Sindhu Kumar: Ann, all the stories touched me, but one that made me cry was the story of Adam who was born cyanotic (bluish skin color for lack of oxygen getting into the brain). His brain was neurologically damaged as a result of this. That is why he is blind unlike his twin brother, Brandon, who was born healthy while in their mother's womb for an extra 20 minutes while the obstetricians, and Neonatalogists were tending to Adam. This story tugged at my heart because the physician who was at the hospital at the time of Adam’s birth refused to tend to him and to his mother during their hour of need as the mother's physician was out of town till that Sunday night. Although, the mother's physician wanted to deliver the babies vaginally and was not there to assist Adam’s mother, I still feel that the physician at the Emergency Department at the hospital where Adam and Brendan were born, should have taken a look and performed the measures necessary to make Adam and Brandon’s mother more comfortable and the nurses should have noted her distress and informed their unit manager and acted as her advocate to get things done for them in a timely manner. I am very much aware of this, as I am studying to become a nurse and hope that one day, I will be able to act as my patient's advocate and put my patient's interest and get my nursing unit manager involved.

Philip A. Rigelhof: My wife and I were watching Oprah this afternoon. We were really impressed with the comments of Dr. Gupta.
As a cancer survivor, and many hours of surgery over the past 35 years, I can relate to the stories told during this program.
Can you please tell me more about Dr. Gupta, I understand he has a regular program on CNN. When and at what time. EST. We live in Waterloo, Ontario.
Many thanks,
Philip Rigelhof
Retired now in golden years (73).


CRG: I was wondering if there was a place to email the Dr on this site somewhere. I have a story that no one believes. ...and I was so curious as to what he thought about it. I had a baby born still a bit over 2 years ago. They knew she was sick . . and one of the hospitals that did pre-partum tests on her wanted her body for the autopsy (what she had was so uncommon that they just wanted to do certain tests) . .(trying to make a very long story short here) Needless to say . .we said yes and they were to cremate and bury her. Two years later. . much by accident, we found out they never did that . .She was still . .(not getting morbid here . .so I'll leave the details) in the pathology department . .as well as other places. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?
I would love to hear from someone as I just cannot find another family who is suffering the same type of situation. Thanks a ton!

Vermont Girl: I saw Sanjay on Oprah. Had to TEVO it because I was at work. He is really a very sharp guy. I think he is about to become a mega star! Everyone I talk to knows him and he just keeps getting better and better. Right now, I don't think there is anything he can do to dim his rising star. Oprah loved him and if she is smart, she will start using him more and more on the show. He was witty, great looking and really popped on the screen. Sometimes, I still can't believe I was lucky enough to see him in person. Can't wait till People magazine comes out!

Ann Stewart: Well I just recorded Dr. Gupta on Oprah's show and now I can say I know why he hates being called God Gupta. That show broke my heart for those poor people that had been a victim of medical mistakes. One man lost his penis, a women lost her breast, and another woman had a giant ball of bloody ghouls left inside her for 6 weeks after the birth of her baby. It was pretty sad hearing those stories. I guess I will not be calling Dr. Gupta, God Gupta anymore. I highly respect Doctors and medical staff for what they have to do, but I would never want to be in their shoes. It’s to much stress and I have seen how hard it is on the body by watching my mother be a nurse for so many years. I will be writing a factual non-comical report on this. It will take me a little time to do so. Thank you ladies or Dr. Gupta for informing me of this show. It was very eye opening and very heartbreaking. I only hope I can write something for this subject that can do it’s seriousness justice.  
  Medical Mistakes/My Baby's True Story

Ann Stewart: Today I received a heartbreaking story by an Anonymous person at the Gupta Gab. Read this story.

Anonymous: I know you probably wont recognize my face, or even know my name. But I'm hoping that you wont forget this story by the end. . ever. I want it to impact you enough that you at least take away something from it. .
.anything. I don't care if you forget my name by the end . .its not my name
that this is about.

Two years ago we had a baby that was born still . .her birth and death date
was January 26th. I thought that was going to be the hardest thing we would ever have to endure . .but sadly enough, I was proven wrong a bit short of her second

I know in the medical profession, you see sick children and people all day
long, all week long, and all year long. Like any job, it can be repetitive.
But your jobs require more. . you have the human element that is soooo
important. I have worked in the medical field on and off for about 20 years
now. I know that we sometimes make light of a situation so that we don't
see the truth in our days. I can’t imagine having to deal with death
everyday . .whether you know the person or not. What a morbid thing to
actually sit and think about losing children everyday.

I can’t imagine how many children you see in your rotations. I don't know if
their names matter to you or not, but they should. I know that would become
too personal for some . . but this is a personal matter. These patients are
not just a number in a day . ."30 out of 100" .. And 70 more to go. These
people are someone's children, mother, father, sister . .brother.

My husband called the cemetery to make sure we were visiting the right grave site.
The sites are numbered for anonymity. (Last year on her birthday
when we visited, the office at the cemetery was closed, so we just took the
kids to the most recent burial area for the Human Gifts Registry.) This was
Tuesday. They didn't have a record of her. He called the funeral home. .
.they, too, didn't have a record of picking her up. He called the hospital.
By Friday, at about 4 pm . .they found her. She was in the pathology
department. Her body sat there for 2 years. How could this happen? Why
did it happen? How could no one notice a body sitting there for 2 years? I
cannot even express the anger, and the sadness when my husband told me what

I forgot my keys on the counter. . I forgot to mail the payment for the bill . . oh yeah . .I forgot to bury my baby. To tell you that I haven't even been able to grieve because of the anger is an understatement. How do I get past this anger?

For those who have children .. Maybe you'll understand a bit if I ask you to
close your eyes. Imagine calling the funeral home letting them know it's ok to keep your baby in a body bag. How could you ask them to do something so morbid as to ask them to look at her. I'm her mother and I couldn't even bear to look at
her. Imagine being told by the pathologist how they dissected her .. I
think that's the word they used. Now you try to close your eyes at night
and see these horrible images. Imagine watching your other children . .9
and 6 .. Carry her casket. You explain it to my 4 children why she wasn't
at the site where we laid flowers and let balloons go last year. You help
rock them to sleep at night. You console these otherwise independent and
strong kids - and let them know how to separate between the body and the
soul. You watch your 3 year old bless her casket with holy water. You ask
God to teach you how to forgive the unforgivable.

Now that you can open your eyes. . know this is my reality . .and when I
open my eyes, it doesn't go away.

But my anger still wasn't at its peak . .Im not sure it even is yet. It
took over 2 weeks for the hospital to call us. . unless we called them and
prompted them for any explanation . .any apology . .anything. Why was it
that you were so in fear. . to call to just express your sorrow. SHE
MATTERED! Even if not to you . .she did to us. Have we become so
disposable that we can justify something so mortifying?

I know she never even took one breath .. I knew she wouldn't from what Dr.
_________ told us. That didn't make her any less of a baby to us. I could
have aborted her. My choice was to at least give her the dignity of being
born. But even that was robbed .. For there is no dignity in sitting in
formaldehyde in a pathology department. I wanted her life to matter..she
meant that much to me.

***I used to be so afraid that I would forget certain things about her...
how she smelled when she was born (if any of you have children, you'll know
that newborn smell - there's nothing like it), what her skin felt like
against mine . .how tiny she was. I was more afraid of never knowing
certain things . . what color her eyes were, what could have been for her
little life, what color her hair would have been . .
And most afraid that she would have suffered with any breath she would have
taken. Now my fears are that of horrors, ones I never could have imagined. . what
condition her little body was in when we buried her. . how will this affect
the other children we have in the future. . when will my awful images stop
running through me. .We never should have endured these images . .
I am most afraid that this will happen to another family. I have prayed
that if there has ever been another - what I was told was a mis-communication, or there is one in the future of this magnitude, that the other family never finds out. I would never want another family to have to go through what we have. Having done these emotions once was plenty . .and it was something out of our hands and into God's. What happened here was preventable . .and that is the difference. This was human error, to say the
least. There has been so much taken away from us in this error. As far as I know, they were never able to give a definite diagnosis. . so we were never sure if what she had was genetic or just a fluke. At any rate, even though we were planning on a bigger family than 4 children, we couldn't take the risk and put the children and ourselves through that again. And - by the way, in case it mattered, my name is ______________ and her
name was S_________.

Ann Stewart: I would like your opinions on this story. 
  Kris Osborn's Military Report

April Gifford: I work at a Consultant group Company so I don't get to watch a bunch of television, but CNN is one of my fav. TV stations. They have the news first for the military families like me who sit by and wonder how are soldiers are doing. I'm so thankful to CNN and other news companies like that.

I thank God for Bush, bring our family’s home. He's raised the separation pay for those families who had to be separated. I'm so thankful for that. I have a child on the way. I just want to say thanks to President Bush for all the wonderful things he's done for the people who serve our country.

Ann Stewart: April Gifford to back up your statement on Bush bring the military home. I saw one of our favorite CNN Gods on CNN’s American Mornings show yesterday. Kris Osborn was doing a story on Operation R & R in Baltimore Maryland. Where it was showing troops coming home to be with there families for a while to get some rest and relaxation. So I have seen what you are talking about. I think it’s great that many of the troops have been able to come home. However I do not feel, Bush is the man to vote for. Just my opinion… I don’t feel like the war should’ve ever happened in the first place, but that is just another opinion of mine.

There a website online called Hairy Scary Evolutions where you can find a bunch of Kris Osborn pictures with him shirtless and climbing up and down a water fall. What a hunky news dude hun? 
  Sharon Beard's Medical Question Dear Dr. Gupta,--I'm so glad you are part of the CNN family. You have a great way of getting to the heart of health issues in a very concise and yet fully explained way. I have a question that I hope you can answer for me. I'm in the high-risk group of people who need to get the flu shot. However, I'm also allergic to eggs. I'm too old (60 years) to take the nasal spray. Since I'm sure I'm not the only person with this problem, I'm hoping you can help me find a flu shot that's not suspended in albumin.
Thank you.
Sharon Beard

Ann Stewart: Dear Sharon--Dr. Gupta can not answer medical question via email or question posted at the Gupta gab, but maybe if he reads your question maybe it will give him an idea to cover it someday in a medical segment on CNN or something. I think that is a very interesting question. So I will post it on his website, but I don't think you will get an answer for your question this way. Maybe you should try to write him at CNN or on the call on the weekend Housecall show that is on Saturdays and Sundays at 7:30am Central Time. 
  Schwarzenegger Rules in California

Ann Stewart: Today's talk was all on Arnold at the 2004 Online Election Debate. Read what people had to say about the California Recall Election.

RQ: I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE ELECTION IN CALIFORNIA!!! I don't live there and frankly I'm getting tried of hearing about it all the time. Can the world talk about anything else? They could have elected the Taco Bell Dog for all I care.

Jonathan in MA: California *did* elect the Taco Bell dog governor.

Matt: Arnold it's easy to buy your way into anything isn't it? I guess Arnold could almost pay the money himself, out of his own pocket, to get the state of California out of debt. I don't see that makes him a good Gov. because he's rich, but I think Grey Davis is a bastard for getting those women to shoot low blows at Arnold during the election. I respect Arnold for coming clean and telling the truth about it. He admitted he did wrong and asked forgiveness. I respect him for that.

Rena: On the Election in California being so big and talked about. I just try not to think about it, but I worry how it will affect the main election for President. I think the Republicans rule everything right now don't they? They control the House, The Senate, and most of the Gov's are Republican too. So the US of A is ruled by Republicans, there is no longer a balance in the system.

Ann Stewart: Rena read what CNN's Candy Crowley wrote about the election. She said it doesn't predict the presidential race.

Chris: On Larry King Live not to long ago one of the ex-governors came on the show. I don't remember his name, but he was Governor back in 1991. He said when he left office the government's budget was great in California. He was saying look what happened to it now. I think he was just bragging that he did a good job when he was governor.

Jennifer: I never wanted Arnold to be come governor. I never stopped to think he would make it either. I just figured it was to strange of a thing, but now that he is becoming Governor. I guess I was wrong. I'm not a republican. I just believe Bush has been a great president, but I never wanted Arnold as governor. I'm like Michael. I think California is nuts.

Laura in LA: Jennifer, I take issue with your characterization that "California is nuts." You are wrong about many things. I am not pleased that the Gopenator is now my Governor. What is interesting, Keith, is Arnold's negatives - 47% with women. I completely understand the "anger factor" in this recall vote. It is that same "anger" that pushed Dean to the top. There is a groudswell of anger in this country and Bush beware. Because, the same yardstick applies to Bush's deficit and lies. If we can recall a Governor due to his neglect in allowing our State to plunge into enormous debt, then let's recall Bush. Unfortunately, many Californias did not have their facts straight because it was:
Arnold will have to break some promises. He will have to cut and tax. The sexual harassment claims are not going to go away. Arnold will spend more time defending and explaining - he's got hard times ahead. Point is, Arnold has such high negatives that he would have never won if this had not been a strange recall election. He would have never survived a Rep. primary. Yep, their is anger on the rise. Californians were willing to rock the boat. I liken this recall election to the infamous OJ case. You cannot judge the political process (or judicial system) by the anomaly due to "star power." In the OJ case, it was payback for Rodney King, for allowing those cops to "walk" by a white jury. Tonight, it is payback for making us pay up the bum and getting nothing in return but lip service. It did not matter what evidence (DNA) the DA had against OJ, they system was on trial - the message was sent. Same thing tonight. It did not matter that Arnold gropes, politicians be damned. Listen to California, Jennifer, where we go, others follow. We are not just a bunch of nuts - have you ever been here or do you base your opinions on what you see on TV? We are a diverse State - a liberal state. We take risks, we rock the boat and we take a beating from the Conservatives every day. Hollywood is blamed for everything that is wrong by you uptight folks. Guess what . .we can care less. We don't fall in line - label us how you like, we don't care. Half the State is not happy tonight like me but we did not like Davis and we don't like Bush. I did not like the outcome tonight but, the "message" matters. Hope that in the years to come this bodes well for "independent" parties to emerge. That's what we need in this country, more choices and an end to this useless duopoly. Nothing changes until we take that risk. No great change started because the people were happy and content. No revolution occurred in times of prosperity. And a Republican could never be Gov. of Cali unless was liberal on social issues. The GOP will have to change to survive in the next decade. The writing is on the walls.

Jennifer: Laura I'm sorry--I didn't mean to upset you. I don't think all people in CA. are nuts. I just think the recall is nuts. forgive me if I miss worded it. I just repeated what someone else in this debate once wrote.

Leslie: I want to express my sympathy to you Californians out there. How could this happen??

Keith Brekhus: POST MORTEM: Arnold is going to be the Governor of California. To all the Arnold supporters--congratulations on your victory and best of luck to the state of California. Time will tell if Arnold can govern capably...I have my doubts, but I'll save my anti-Arnold screeds for another day. I'll leave it at this: The voters have spoken....but be careful what you wish for.

Michael Bohannon: Keith, you stated that anti-intellectualism is on the rise and I know others have claimed that we are the most fundamentalist industrialized nation in the world, but this is more than a characterization- its rather a symptom. The American people are powerless to produce any kind of meaningful change. I have done some reading and found that our representation is inadequate not simply in quality, but also in quantity. When the Constitution was written 2 senators were enough to represent a sparsely populated farming society, but now 2 senators and however many representatives are not near enough. One author I read stated that senators represent so many constituents that they have become like rock stars- highly visible, but not readily available to the everyday joe. Furthermore, the government seems now like an esoteric institution ran by insiders and only understood by the most educated. We are slowly reinstituting an aristocracy. Besides it has been shown that when people are involved in the political process through initiatives and referendums they make sound decisions (that is most of the time). In Switzerland they use the national referendum more than any nation in the world and I would bet that the citizens are more politically active, but here in this country people aren't as active as they should be. And why? Because they are detached from the political process, so no wonder people hate intellectuals and aloof politicians. That is why I think Jesse Ventura and Arnold have been successful- because they, although famous, seem more like the average people. Fundamentalism and anti-intellectualism are simply means for ordinary people to make themselves feel empowered. All that would fade if we had better representation and were more involved in the political process.

Alison Brown: That's a very thoughtful take Michael, but I'm not sure I agree that Schwarzenegger comes across as an average person. He's larger than life, a household name, and I think a good portion of his success is simply due to name recognition. That, plus the fact that he's an outsider. But what I really see in the recall is the gradual merging of entertainment and politics. Things like the Daily Show, which is both news and comedy, and the way that Colin Powell and Howard Dean appear as guests on non-political talk shows as if it's an honor to be there - it may be funny to see the guy who's running for president joke about helicopters or wearing boxers, but in my eyes it kind of demeans the political process; it trivializes the very real issues that these politicians are trying to talk about. I think we all agree that the 2004 election will be hugely important one way or another, yet Howard Dean shows up on Leno sandwiched between Catherine Zeta Jones and Lyle Lovett, implying that they're all equally important, influential and interesting to the American public. We are losing (many have already lost) our respect for politicians and what they do.

Keith Brekhus: I like your analysis of the reasons Michael. For what its worth, I feel I am better represented by my local than my state officials for some of the reasons you state--for example, I have met in person my state rep and councilperson but I doubt I will meet my Senators or the President, and certainly not in any meaningful sense where we can exchange ideas over an extended period of time. For most of the populace I imagine even state and local officials are largely out of reach, since even at that level it takes a certain level of active political involvement to gain access, and the average person may be unable (or unwilling) to invest the effort necessary to attain that access even though in theory the politicians are supposed to represent him (or her). 
  Comic Comments On The Election 2004 Online Debate

Charles in Montana: Lysa, Ann, You are both so charming. Thanks for putting up with my posts.

Lysa: Charles nothing to put up with, they are Great! Thank you,

Keith Brekhus: I think John Edwards would probably win as most handsome of the announced candidates, But Dean and Bush would be in the running. Gephardt isn't bad. Lieberman and Kerry not so handsome but at least Kerry is tall if that’s your thing. Kucinich look like an angry elf with bad fashion sense, and Sharpton looks like a black preacher (well he is one) which isn't a bad look really--it works for me. Graham isn't attractive either--kind of old and funny looking, and well Moseley-Braun won't ever be on Sports Illustrateds Swimsuit cover but she is a woman so she would have to get my vote over Edwards. Well I do know someone at my office who claims she "loved" Jimmy Carter, and no doubt John Kennedy probably beat Nixon just because he was a better looker. On the other hand, it is also true that when a lot of guys voted for George Dubya Bush or Jesse Ventura or Ronald Reagan or Schwarzenegger, they are in love too, in sort of vicarious infatuation with identifying with a cowboy, macho man, winner, or super hero. I know some heterosexual men who got "goosebumps" when they saw Bush in his flight jumpsuit on May 1st, odd as that sounds.

Ann Stewart: Keith I loved this comment you just made "I know some heterosexual men who got "goosebumps" when they saw Bush in his flight jumpsuit on May 1st, odd as that sounds." That is so funny. I'm going to post that one too.

Patti Ferschke: You guys are GOOFS ! Talk about ignorance! We're talking about our country being at war and our civil liberties. We're talking about our lives being at risk because our CIC won't send more troops to Iraq,because of false pride. We're talking about a plan and a vision for our kids. We're talking about all the lies we have been fed,and no plan! Did you even listen to GWB in St.Louis today? Well ,Johnny and Jane won't be coming home too soon,in other words,because of this idiot's bad judgement,we're stuck!This is an economy he actually planned to go south,all his neo-cons will continue to plague this planet wih more rage...all you can talk about is "fantasy!! I'm

Ann Stewart: Patti if you only love Kerry on the issues and you think he is butt ugly, go to my blog and tell me about how you love him on the issue.

Lysa: I'm not one to base how I feel about a person on their looks. I agree with Ann and Keith that there are people out there that do. It is imo a valid question just as many of the other questions and discussions posed here are.

Mike D.: Hello Deanie weanie's…I hope you all read this part of the poll. "Nearly two-thirds (64%) of the respondents said they thought it was somewhat (46%) or very likely (18%) that President George W. Bush would be re-elected in 2004." George Bush in 2004 will be the winner. Hands down, it's Bush.

Doug in Indiana: Mike just because under democrats we can only kill every one 20 times and not 50 times like we can under the republicans, dont mean our defense is weak. damn it man, educate yourself for christs sake.,

Joy: Well Dean is alright. I don't love anybody Ann. I just ain't got the love thing you have for people, but I'd vote for Leiberman,

Doug in Indiana: Patti, fuck the congress and whoever they want, their ass is next to go, old motherfuckers, tradeing our kids future for money in there bank account.

Jennifer (Bush Supporter): I love George W. Bush because he’s handsome, intelligent, he has high moral and he’s a good Christian. I'm waiting for the Dean and Kerry folks to clobber me.

Doug in Indiana: I love George W. Bush because he’s handsome, intelligent, he has high moral and he’s a good Christian.-----so am I, you wanna meet up in a hotel later? hahaha, a good Christian with the most kills in history as a governor, yeah good Christian. That’s the problem Jenny, I don’t need some one with fucked up morals like bush telling me what my morals should be, nor do I need a Christian telling me how to live my life, shit next thing you want me to bring my young boys to those good boy loving fathers huh?You god people make me sick, stop tiring to force your warped ass views on me and my family, or there will be a holy war, and it will be me making your ass holy, got it? If I wanted to find God, I sure the hell wouldn't look to the president to help me find him.

Jennifer (Bush Supporter): Doug has anybody ever told you that you are a jerk? If not, I will just let you know now. You aren't good enough to lick the dirt off of President Bush's feet.Your a nut. Doug --If you would get your life right with God. You would not be such a creepy person. You scare everybody with all your crazy talk.

Ann Stewart: Wow you guys --Are you gonna duke it out or something. Maybe meet in a parking lot somewhere? I will let you know Doug she's just a little bitty tiny woman.

Patti Ferschke: JEN, go to church to get your religion. Are you "more Christian" this past three years because of GWB? If you say yes, you're not being honest with yourself or God

Michael Bohannon: Patti, you and Democrats in general act like the world was a paradise before George Bush came along.

Charles in Montana: Dead on Michael

Patti Ferschke: If you had any sense you would have listened to MEET THE PRESS this am...did you hear your man's plan for your taxes,20 times what you pay now...good luck !....WRONG for middle Americans, wrong for the growth of the economy, and he still was for the war.

Ann Stewart: Patti take it easy baby.

Patti Ferschke: It's the military,stupid. NO votes for dean there ! It all goes to Kerry,and so does mine

Lysa: Jennifer,--Bush reminds me of the character Squealer in Orwell's Animal Farm. If you've read it, great. if not give it a whirl, it's short. There's a character called Buster that constantly tells himself and others to "work harder". I'm not saying you are like Buster, but Bush, well, his speeches are all talk, no real action that works. As the crow kept saying "Sugar candy mountain"


Ann Stewart: Wow that’s harsh

Charles in Montana: Tom Delay is a bigger asshole than Bush. You could compare him to Unterreichsfuher. Translated that means asshole under Bush. Hummm! That must mean Bush sits on Delay all day? How confusing these neocons can be.

Will Parker: less eloquent--Bush invented nucular weapons...NUCLEAR!!!!!---less intellectual--- Bush was a C student maybe--- most vacationing--Bush was just returning from a month vacation about 9/01/01 when Bush was warned of Airplanes being used as WMD"s!! This is fact !!)---worst environmentalist---I challenge anyone to name an environmentally friendly event in the last 3 years---most hypocritical---Dubya's girlfriend in ~70's had an illegal abortion for starters

Lee P.: On the race in California, I really I'm being to not like Gray Davis. He's such a weenie. I'm not sure I'm a democrat I may just be pretending to be a Democrat so you guys won't hate me. I think Cruz B. is the man on that race for Gov. Cruz is good. I'd vote for him.

Brad: Yeah Lee's a republican. he has George Bush pillow cases.

Lee P.: Yes and I also have a blow up Laura Bush doll. Nan Not really...I have no love for Bush. He's the Devil. I do like Cruz though

Brad: u have a Laura Bush blow up doll? Dang Lee~! you must be a republican. Only a republican would have a Laura Bush blow up doll. Lee, I'm going to buy you the matching George Bush sheets to go with your pillow cases.

Lee P.: Brad, I told you the republican party is the devil. I just like Cruz in Cal. I think Davis is acting like a weinie the more he talks the more I don't like him. I can't believe Clinton supports him. That's one strike against Clinton.

Rockeem: Bush looks like the Devil, with that evil grin always on his face. Somebody aught to slap his evil ass stupid.

Sindhu Kumar: Rockeem: you rock

Ann Stewart: Dear God Guys--When I ask for comments, you guys really come though for me. You guys are so funny. Sindhu meet my crazy work crew. Funny aren't they? If you could only meet them in person. You would go home very day with pain in your sides from laughing so hard.

Sindhu Kumar: Kerry really needs Patti’s support as she was his biggest, strongest and loudest supporter here on this site.

Ann Stewart: Hey your right Sindhu. Patti might had gotten sick of it though.

Patti Ferschke: Hi,Patti whacks back ! The News is terrific and we're only beginning......I took a much needed time off and time out ! KERRY 2004 !

Ann Stewart: Patti thanks for coming in and letting us know you are alive. We were starting to worry about you. NICK NACK THE PATTI'S BACK!!!

Patti Ferschke: Jennifer, if you think for one minute that what BUSH has put out there to you my dear, do what you will and that is to follow this idiot blindly. He could tell you that black is white and you'd believe it !

Lee Pedigo: I was watching Pres. Bush give a sermon last night. He was saying now we liberated Iraq, not because of WMD's, Not Because of Saddam's Bad Regime, now we liberated them because of terrorism. Next his excuse will be, we liberated them because we don't like sand. He keeps coming up with all these different excuses.

Charles in Montana: Lee, Loved your post, blame it on the sand. I would not put it past that dumb s.o.b...... He is striking out with the Europeans on getting some Help! Help! Help! but every thing is under control. If only the Germans would chip in a little after the neocons belittled them and France. If I were Chancellor Schoder, I'd send Bush bratwurst, bad bratwurst, then ask him to kiss my ass. So where does this leave our troops? These neocons are as good at burning bridges as they are bombing defenseless civilians.

Jennifer: Wayne unfunded mandates? Please, Bush is putting the money where it counts on our childrens education. You can not sit there and say that eduction in our schools have not improved since Bush put out these wonderful programs like "Leave No Child Behind" This is just more Bad Bush Bashing, and so tipical of you guys.

Wayne in Missouri: Jennifer,--Do you understand what the word "unfunded" means? It means Bush hasn't put HIS money where his mouth is. He has made the states and local school boards put THEIR money where his mouth is.

Brad: Hey Ann--Have u ever thought Osama Bin Ladin or Saddam Hussien could have found this website and be writing all this stuff? They'd probably write something along the lines of---Hey Doug---You are cool as shit. You got all the infomation dude.

Ann Stewart: Hey Brad ---That is an interesting idea. I never thought of that.

Patti Ferschke: Do you guys realize how many flops Dean did last ?

Doug in Indiana: Patti, first let me say this.---don’t be mad at dean cause your guy is going nowhere.

Matt: It won't matter who wins this time around. If Bush wins we're screwed, cause he can't get this country out of dept. If any of the others win we're still screwed cause they can't get us out of dept either. This country is in bad dept. Basically we're all screwed, there is no way to get this country out of dept. Bush dug a hole and barried us in it.

Patti Ferschke: Jennifer, the day to be 911 and "W" thoughts of the day were about his election toughts...ONLY ! When will you wake up! Leadership means to lead..period! All GWB is about is double speak,and why do you think the his staff goes nuts when they unleash him in front of the press? His cowboy rhetoric is pathetic and only speaks to the lower common denominator of our nation. His "madcowboy" dis-ease is playing havoc in all the world..when will you guys get it that's it is time for regime change??? KERRY/CLARK are going to throw the thugs back to Texas on the back of the's going to get slapped all the way home and NO more trips around the monopoly board..those guys are done,kaput,gone,over and out,once and for all!KERRY/CLARK will be the two war heros standing toe-to-toe on the grand stage of politics with those two'd better believe it !

Ann Stewart: Nick Nack the Patti's Back 
  Talk of Rush

Klotz: This message is for Rush Limbaugh. His pain can be relieved effectively by using Qi Gong Healing treatment. I would recommend him to contact Qi Gong Master Chunyi Lin, 1-800-511-1100 or 1-800-735-8273. I have lots experiences on pain relief when our conventional medicine failed. Kindly pass this message to him as I have no way to contact him myself. Thanks

Ann Stewart: Wow Gee--I don't know Rush Limbaugh either, but if I did I don't know that I would help him get drugs. It seems to me he has already had enough drugs... hasn't he? I have been hearing about him on the news though and I hope he gets help. What is Qi Gong Healing treatment? Klotz…I'm not a big Rush fan and I don't know how to contact him either. Sorry

Scarlet Termite: Klotz---try which is his website. I am sure that there is a contact address there. 

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