Friday, June 02, 2006

Honor Our Troops 

By Irena Bell

My name is Irena Bell, founder of Peace Quilts around the world. Please take a moment to read a very special letter that could help anyone affected by the War on Iraq, as well as any other servicemen and women who serve our country here at home and overseas. Please feel free to contact me about the letter or for information about our projects.
Thank you, Irena

We look forward each day for a new creation, for We never know what God will place in our hands. His love and guidance can give us gifts we hold so dear. The gift that the Lord has showed me through my art is the gift of healing. We all need healing, whether we can admit to it or not. While searching to soothe my soul, the inspiring idea of healing quilts was born. Creating Peace Quilts was my way of giving back to those who gave me their All, as well as those who returned home, finding themselves struggling to begin a different life. Our heroes are forgotten and disgraced, accused and dishonored, as some return to a life that welcomes them without gratitude. The saddening truth is that most people today can so easily exclude themselves from the proud. They go on with their existence without any gratitude nor honor to those who have fought for our freedom before, and those who defend our freedom today. The consequences of such a struggle can go unnoticed, until it is too late.
We must learn our lessons from previous wars, avoiding what has happened to our veterans and heroes, who found themselves isolated and trying to adjust to a new life. We still cry for our men and women who never returned home, and America will never stop crying until they all come home. These POW's and MIA's from all the wars need to be honored and saluted for their bravery in serving our country. We pray that they will be welcomed home with open arms, waiting for their return. Understanding that the battle can continue inside our soldiers (PTSD) is an effort that we all must grasp before it's too late. Without persecuting the idea, without being bias, we can accept the gift of peace quilts as just one of many efforts in the road to healing.
I believe I am here to help through this mission of healing our great nation. Those who gave us their youth, knowing they will return as men. Those who cared for our loved ones, making sure they safely return to home. The doctors and nurses, and all our heroes, who never asked for anything in return. This is Peace quilts around the world, recognizing One and All, letting them know how much we love all of our heroes, past present, and future.
As our men and women serve this country from far across the land, it becomes our duty to serve our men and women from home. Honoring our heroes through show of support, our duties as Americans become the reassurance that every soldier needs to know.
They set off to war protecting us from harm in a ways we never knew. They set off into war, defending our flag and freedom. We thank them for serving our country, yet we as countrymen seldom know the true nature of war, and the horrors it presents. Sure, we can keep ourselves informed to some extend by watching the media and reading the papers, however, no one can understand war like the men and women who have experienced it and understand the true nature of it. Our men and women will never forget what they have experienced and endured for you and me. As we all stand up and rise as one nation, to love and support our pride, our loved ones, now and forever, we must give thanks and honor them around the world for giving us the sweetest gift of all, our freedom... To live the life we choose to live here in our wonderful USA. Remember this, that one day it will happen. Our loved ones will be called off to war, and we shall stand strong, with pride and honor, waving our American flag. We are all proud Americans, and we shall stand strong hand in hand.
When we open the door and see that man no more, our heart stops and we cry a river, thinking of the life that would be no more. But then a hand comes down from the heavens above, and touches our hearts with a mission. A mission to heal our souls finding a path that would shine once again, and to help those in need of that healing touch. Sometimes we ask questions, like why we are doing this?, and why would anyone care?. We care because it's our husbands, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, lovers, and best friends for a baby brother. Whoever these wonderful people are, they are our American Heroes, who gave us the right to love each other and share this world of ours in peace.
We have to remind ourselves that there are those in need of guidance, for there are so many that feel so lost as we once did. And yet when you stand back and see those smiling faces and tears that are shared between two, when you hear a thank you from a face you never knew, until we see the tears and hugs that come from far away lands, they say thank you for what we have done.
When we march on the path that was sent forth in front of us, only then will we understand how all of the hard work has helped open up so many doors for others to heal and live again.
Perhaps we as Americans can give back the gift they gave us, by being a part of Peace Quilts Around The World. We can share our healing with everyone through a connection. A connection between the distant heroes and their loved ones. That connection is Peace Quilts, bringing together families and communities across our great free land.
Peace Quilts around the world allows those who do not have any military servicemen and heroes in their family to send blessings and prayers to our men and women overseas, away from home. This gives our men and women a little bit of much needed love from home. These special quilts contain the stories and messages of love, healing, and dedications from American families, and perhaps someday, the world. By combining the different mediums God has given us, we can create miracles by doing his work through the different forms of art. God Bless Our Heroes where ever they may be....... Irena Bell Founder of Peace Quilts 702 433 8549

We have over 150 quilts that are dedicated to all of our heroes. Some of these quilts are dedicated to the 9/11 heroes, N.Y.F.D., N.Y.P.D., EMT's, K-9's, and all those who served helping America heal on that tragic day. We have quilts that honor our fallen police officers, those who serve in the military, as well those serve our homelands. We also have local businesses who have sponsored quilts to help support our military and aid in the healing. If you are interested in helping, or even sponsoring a quilt, please contact me at Ladycolbaltblue96@aol.com. Sponsored quilts will travel to our military bases around the world. The quilts allow the community to give thanks with a loving message, something that has never been done before. Our goal is to send these quilts around the world to support our men and women, no matter where they are. So far, my husband Scott Bell has 9 quilts in Camp Taji, Iraq, for the men and women to sign there. The ‘Gone But Not Forgotten’ quilt shows the names of every person that has passed away during Operation Iraqi Freedom. We also created the ‘9-11’ quilt, for the heroes who have also lost their lives. These people did not deserve to die, but we honor them as heroes through these quilts. Our dream is to send a quilt to every military base around the world, giving thanks and retribution. Soon, each one of these quilts will be going home to a fallen soldier’s family to show our thanks, as well as those that are in hospitals that have been wounded in this war. To make our dream come true, we ask everyone to join forces with Peace Quilts Around The World, to give thanks to our men and women, of the Armed Forces. Thank you all – Irena Bell and Family

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