Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Why Eat Your Vegetables? 

By Ann Stewart
In my opinion there is no one in the world that wants to be morbidly obese, and I have been obese. The really sad part about it is more and more of us Americans are becoming obese and it’s not just America. The World Health Organization now recognizes obesity as a major global health problem. The increased availability of fattening foods in many countries combines with more sedentary lifestyles puts excess pounds on the bodies. It tends to be a problem in more over devolved modernized countries such as the USA.

The obesity epidemic has stimulated an increase in research on the causes and possible treatments for weight control problems. Inheritance can play a major factor in obesity. Most of the weight regulating hormones are polypeptide or proteins and researcher have identified dozens of the genes that code for these hormones. This hereditary connection helps explain why certain people have to struggle so hard to control their weight, while others are seemingly able to eat and eat without gaining a pound. Leptin which is produced by the adipose fat tissue suppresses appetites. When there is a storage of Leptin in the body this can cause weight gain. Can this be inherited?

Here is one thing I have been studying lately. Vegetables or food from plants have cell walls and most people know it good to eat their vegetables, but I never knew until recently that your body has a harder time digesting these food from plants because of the cell walls. So much more of the product becomes waste than meat or protein products. Proteins, fats or meats are absorbed by the body faster than plants or vegetables are. More of the vegetable is released as waste product. This is just one more good reason for people who are overweight to eat their vegetables.

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