Saturday, August 20, 2005

Talk On Killer Dennis Rader 

xox: Anderson's coverage of BTK was sensitive to the victims and their families and yet we were still able to get a sense of what made him commit such unthinkable acts. It's such a scary story because this guy didn't raise any red flags with the people he was around on a daily basis. I'd prefer to not hear from him anymore, but it's important that we have some idea about these monsters so that they won't go undetected until it's too late. Park Dietz, the criminal psychologist has been one of 360's most fascinating guests.

Anderson continues to amaze me with his ability to report on difficult subjects such as BTK and the London bombing suspect error and yet still be able to make his viewers laugh with his silly antics (the computer freak-out).

Anderson recommended that book 'Blink' by Malcolm Gladwell and I'm going to buy it. When 360 did that series based on on Gladwell's book, I meant to buy it, but never got around to it. If Anderson recommends something, I tend to listen to him because I admire him and generally the things he's interested in and what he's featured on his show are usually things that interest me also.

Big O: xox, i thought "Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell was an interesting read. in that it's a NYTimes best-seller, the major bookstores sell the hardcover @ 40% off. i agree, Anderson is a great book reviewer! that might be another career choice he has yet to discover for himself.

Phoenix: Couldn't bear to watch the BTK coverage, I know what he did, that's enough for me. Doesn't the fact that they don't raise any red flags mean that they WILL go undetected until it's too late? One of the lessons from these serial killers who operate over a span of years is that they can appear, to those who know them, to be ordinary people. Natalee Holloway made a mistake w/people she DIDN'T know; Rader's family and friends were mistaken w/someone they DID know. It's scary allright!

Ann Stewart: One thing I’m not happy about is that Dennis Rader the killer is said to claim he’s a Christian…Talk about giving Christianity a bad name...I beg of you folks…Please don’t judge Christians by people like that. I pray for his soul, and hope he really is a Christian…but after the sins he commented…I’m not even sure he deserves purgatory…But than I’m not God…I can’t judge....Rader cried and showed tears, sorrow and remorse...but that's not enough for the family or the general public...I don't think 10 life sentences is even enough punishment for the grieving families. I bet they want him to fry. I used to be a correctional officer and I've had to take care and book inmates that were pretty bad killers and other criminals that commented some pretty bad crimes…and general public sometimes thinks as long as they are in jail they are no danger to people…but they are still a danger…I have seen killers make weapons out of fish bones while incarcerated and use them on each other…I have seen officers get hurt a lot on the inside of a jail too…So don’t think that killers aren’t a danger just because they are locked up…They still can kill on the inside too…I hope Rader doesn’t get put in General Population…That would just be stupidity in my opinion.

Susan: Ann, I wouldn't give Dennis Rader and his "Christian" comments a second thought. How many people have used the Church as a reason to do awful things? How many others have claimed to be a child of God, and continued to go to a house of worship, all the while they're committing crimes to humanity? Alot of people seem to use the word "Christian" loosley, to say the least. People like Rader only do things to thrill their narcissictic ego's.

I like what one of the family members had to say: Her sister and the other victims will be waiting in heaven with God and watching was Rader burns in hell.......I think she hit it on the head :-)

BTK Christian: I am glad the guy thinks he's a Christian, it means his sorry ass is going to hell. I believe in Karma and that whatever you do in this life affects this one and into the next. In that case, may God REALLY give him what he deserves! Let him be tortured to death by some madman.

funkymunky: Wow. That friend of the BTK killer is unbelievable. The guy seems to be completely in denial that his buddy is a sick, twisted, serial killer. That interview gave me goosebumps, especially the joke he made about Rader's "unsuccessful knot."

Lana: The btk's so called friend seemed oblivious to the fact that his supposed buddy was a serial killer.You could tell Anderson was trying to hold his tongue in this interview.
In keeping with program's motto cover all sides.

Paige: I was appalled at the friend of the BTK killer. He was either in some serious denial, or just one sick man. And that joke about the unsuccessful knot was just beyond comprehension.

Angelfox20032000: Hey, I was ready to throw something at the tv at that nutter Anderson was interviewing. I was shocked by his demeanor, and he must be in some kind of denial, to say that Rader is still his friend and will be until the day he dies.
Personally, I want Rader to rot in hell for what he did, and Martin had no right to make that joke about the 'missed knot' or whatever it was...I'm glad to see Anderson show some revulsion at this man's story.
The man's a pig and so is BTK.
I apologize for my angry diatribe, but I had to vent after seeing that.

Ann Stewart: And I think I’ve said this before…Christianity is not a bad faith…It’s just got a bad reputation….I think it’s partly because it’s caused many wars…and people who claim to Christians do cruel and evil things…but I know Christians of high morals and honorable, but humble lifestyles. So my stomach gets upset when anything makes Christian faith as a whole look bad…I guess that’s why I talk about it so much and think people like the BTK killer Dennis Radar professing to be a Christian makes me sick, cause it makes our faith look bad…Why couldn’t he profess to be a devil worshiper or something…Than it wouldn’t give Christianity a black eye.

Susan: Stop trying to apologize for those that use religion as a back drop for what they did, or for the reason they did what they did. Those that know about who God is and have a great relationship with him, know that these people are not true to any faith or religion.

Trying to convince someone of the fault in these people (with their referenced to God, religion, etc.)is a futile effort on your part. Your time could best be used by concentrating on those that truly live by trying to be good people - to other human beings, to kids and animals, to the environment and especially to God (whomever God may be for these people).

Too much time is already being spent on the people of zero standards, that do the unthinkable to anyone & anything on this earth. These people will not change, nor are they worth your time. They're not worth anyone's time - except to try to stop before they start committing these crimes, or to catch after they've started.

Continue to concentrate on those closest to you and to those things that you wish to invest your time and effort in - knowing that you'll make a difference there.

Those that know aout faith, know.

There's always going to be someone that has an opposite opinion or is skeptical about Christianity or any faith because of the Radar's (and OBL) of the world - their argument has no merit.

You, I and God know that - God will handle that issue - He's better suited for that than you or I.

Oh, and no more reference to Radar as the BTK.....that's a monicur that he came up with for himself. He doesn't deserve the credit nor the continued appearance that he's still getting "talked about"

Ann Stewart: You're right Susan...I just wish he'd say he was a devil worshiper instead of a Christian...than I wouldn’t be so confused about his evil behavior.

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Ann: I’ve recently linked two other message talk sites to this site…One of the talk sites is the “Jewels of Arabia Royals of Arab World.” It seems to be a pretty busy discussion site that you can participate in….Also I am linking to a talk site called “What is a Libertarian” and it’s a discussion board. It could be very educational if you ever have any questions about what a Libertarian is and it’s my belief that the ideas of the Libertarian’s way of government here is America is getting more and more popular. I have met many Libertarians who think their way of government is the way of the future…So if you are interested in talking or learning about either of these subjects I’m linking them so you can find them easily, and don’t forget about our new talk site on the "USA 2008 Presidential Election." That discussion site is not busy now…but I’m sure it will be by the time the US Presidential Election draws close. This comment below is what a nice person wrote in and said about the Arabian Royals Talk site:
Alive: New Royals Message board. It has many pictures of the Qatari Royals and UAE Royals. It is called Jewels of Arabia Royals of the Arab World. I like it a lot better than all the other message boards.

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Monday, August 08, 2005

Love Talk On Peter Jennings & RIP 

Lana: My thoughts and prayers are with the family of Peter Jennings . I sincerely hope that they find comfort
with God during this dark time.

Paige: What a sad day. Peter Jennings will be truly missed- he was a great journalist and a real class act. God bless his family, and may he rest in peace.

Appletown: So sad about Mr. Jennings. His loss will be great. I lost my mom to lung cancer 11 1/2 years ago. Last week I found out one of my favorite people was diagnosed with lung cancer. This morning I got the call she passed over the weekend. I hate this disease and wish and pray they would find a cure. We can spend billions on a war, trillions on space discovery but our government can't spend that kind of money to erase such a horrible killer. Strange isn't it, the governments are spending billions on wars that kill people but not billions to save lives. I just don't get it.

Angelfox20032000: I was so sad to learn of Peter Jenning's passing. I turrned on 'ABC World News Now' to see the shuttle landing and saw Charlie Gibson talking about Peter's life and career and he had Barbra Walters and Ted Koppel on making comments.
My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and to all of Peter Jennings' ABC News colleagues, past and present, including Anderson.
Peter was a wonderful journalist and a fine person. When I was much younger, I had a crush on him, lol. I thought he was so handsome.
He will indeed be sorely missed. But, hopefully, he did not suffer in his final hours and dies peacefully, with his family at his bedside.

WiseEye: Deepest thoughts and prayers to the Jennings family and the family at ABCNews

Anon: RIP Mr Jennings.

the delightful big O: It was said that Peter Jennings passed in the presence of his family. it appears that he lived a great life, with a wonderful, fulfilling career. his offscreen time full of laughter with his family and friends.

Canadians are the Best: I am in shock and so disheartened that one of the most talented individuals on the planet (and a fellow Canadian), PETER JENNINGS, has died!

here is a letter he wrote while he underwent chemo. what a great man. He will surely be missed:

"Yesterday I decided to go to the office; I live only a few blocks away. I got as far as the bedroom door. Chemo strikes.

Do I detect a knowing but sympathetic smile on many of your faces? You knew this was coming.

Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania wrote me a note to say that the only way to get through chemo is to "work your way through it." He's a tougher man than I am.

I assume there are a few others out there who, like me, are going with the flow until the day gets better.

Incidentally, Hamilton Jordan, former Chief of Staff in the Carter Administration, sent me his book "No Such Thing as a Bad Day." He's had cancer four times. He tells me, as have many others, that when it gets really bad, it will get better. Phew!

Thousands of you have spoiled me rotten with your attention in the last couple of weeks. Whether you have a cancer connection or not, your anecdotes, mementos, home recipes, and general all-purpose guidance and concern have all been so deeply appreciated. I hope you know.

So many experiences have meant something special. A woman in my building, who is a cancer survivor, showed up at our front door so that we could see that bald really is beautiful. She's right.

I won't soon forget an encounter as I was leaving the hospital. A middle-aged couple was going into the building and as they passed me, I heard my name and turned. The woman stepped right into my face and said, "Me too. Lung cancer." Instinctively, immediately, we gave each other a hug & a real hug & and went on our respective ways knowing that we had been strengthened by the connection.

So thank you for all of the connections. And finally, if you would, add a friend of mine to your prayers. The jazz legend Percy Heath, whose bass anchored the Modern Jazz Quartet for four decades, died of bone cancer on Sunday. He was 81 and we will sure miss him.

As always,


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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Talk On Bill Clinton, Time Warner, and Obesity In America 

Ann Stewart: While watching CNN’s Housecalls this morning with Dr. Sanjay Gupta and special guest President Bill Clinton, I heard Bill Clinton say some thing that really hit home for me. Bill Clinton mentioned that poverty can be a helpful contributor to obesity. That is so right in my opinion. It’s my belief that bad unhealthy food is cheap, and most diet foods and programs that can help you lose weight, such as Atkins, South Beach, Jenny Criag, Weight Watcher and other programs cost a lot of money, and poor people can’t afford it. That’s right…it’s my belief that many poor people just can’t afford to be healthy in this county, cause not only do many of them have to work a lot and don’t have time to cook or buy the more healthily food and keep the more health exercise habits, but it’s just cheaper in America to be fat. You see I grew up in poverty…My father would go squirrel hunting and frog gigging every weekend to put any kind of meat on the table that we could get…cause we couldn’t afford meat from the store, and I don’t know if any of you have ever eat’in a squirrel, but it’s red greasy meat and its not good for you, I can remember my mother used to lye to me and tell me it was chicken to try to get me to eat it. We never could afford good healthy food like chicken and momma fried everything in cheap lard and I grew up fat as a cow. I love my momma though…she’s the best…it’s just back then my parents did the best they could do to raise and feed 6 kids…But you can eat frog legs though…those are really good for you if you cook them the right way…try to bake them not fry them…THAT MAKES GOOD FROG LEGS…Taste like fish…Yum Yum…good eat’in…I dig frogs. I'm a country bumpkin...Anyways back to Bill Clinton…Bill Clinton grew up extremely poor too and look how far he has gone in his life…I do so idolize him for that…Bill Clinton is a shining example of the American Dream…You don’t have to stay in poverty just because you come from poverty…Just look at everything Bill Clinton has accomplished in his life and he wasn’t born into a rich family like most of the Presidents we have had…and now I read on the internet from Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s article in a Time Magazine article that President Bill Clinton is trying a modified South Beach diet. Well so am I and I think that maybe President Clinton might know the cost of fresh fruits and meats compared to cheap unhealthy foods you can get at McDonalds, Toco Bell, and Burger King. An example of this is at many McDonald’s it cost about a $1.00 plus tax to get a burger and at my local grocery store it cost about $3.50 to $5.00 plus tax to get a small bushel of grapes or about $2.00 plus tax to get a small bag of apples or oranges and to buy fresh meat is even more ridiculously expensive and it cost about 4 to 5 dollars to get a can of mixed nuts…which these foods are on the South Beach diet. A pound of Hamburger cost about 2 to 3 dollars and a small stake cost can cost anywhere from 3 to 6 dollars and these are foods you can eat on the Dr. Atkins diet…but it’s just cheaper and easier to go to McDonalds and buy 2 or 3 hamburgers that’s loaded full of carbs and you don’t even have to cook it. But I want to inform anyone who might read this, that most fast food places like McDonalds, Burger King and other restaurants have a calorie, carb, and fat content chart now. All you have to do is request the food content chart from most of your fast food restaurants and the staff at the restaurant will probably give it to you. You see when I was on the Weight Watchers diet, I really liked that diet cause I could eat out more than what I could do when I was on Dr. Atkins. Weight Watchers has a point book that will tell you some things that you can eat at many restaurants if you are a really busy person and you can’t cook all the time. That’s another reason I consider Weight Watchers to be one of the best diet programs there is… because you can eat out at more places, and I consider Weight Watchers a little cheaper than the other diets (especial Jenny Criag where you have to buy most your food from them and food is so overly expensive it will brake you, and the food doesn’t taste that great either in my opinion) and the results have been reported to be longer lasting for people on the Weight Watchers program than people on the Dr. Atkins diet. When I did Dr. Atkins diet I couldn’t eat many carbs…only less than 20 carbs a day was all I could eat…that leaves it to where you can mostly just eat meat or nuts and once I had to start taking in carbs again than I started gaining weight really fast…You see I went on Dr. Atkins after I had my first child, and I lost weight after giving birth to my first baby on the Dr. Atkins program, but when I became pregnant a second time with my twin boys I was still on the Dr. Atkins diet at the time and my doctor told me I couldn’t be on Dr. Atkins during my pregnancy and that it could be unhealthy to not eat carbs while you are pregnant. This is a story I wrote on Surgery and Diets because I have done both. I was once told that carbs are brain food…but I don’t know how true that really is…but my doctor said carbs are needed to help the babies develop properly…So I had to start taking in carbs again because of the pregnancy and I gained over 115 pounds during my pregnancy with my twin boys…I was over 300 pounds by the end of my 2nd pregnancy with my twins and my weight gain helped my blood pressure to sky rocket and I developed toxemia/Pre-eclampsia, and Edema…than at about 34 weeks of gestation of my twin pregnancy all the fluid in my body back up in my lungs and gave me pneumonia and plural effusion(which is medical terminology for fluid in the lungs)…I was put on bed rest in Baptist hospital and was spitting up blood. Now I’m not a doctor, but I don’t recommend that women in child baring years that might want to get pregnant be on the Dr. Atkins diet…I personally don’t think it’s the safest diet to be on if you want to have a healthy child and I know as soon I started talking in carbs again the weight came right back on with a lot more to boot, but I do know that Dr. Atkins can help you lose weight fast…It’s just long term keeping the weight off that is hard and questionable on the Dr. Atkins diet in my opinion. That’s another reason why I consider Weight Watchers to be a more healthy program…Most doctors I know consider it a little more healthy to be on a diet program like Weight Watchers where you can eat more vegetables, carbs, and lean meats….you just cut out the fat. Weight Watchers works on a point system and it cost about 10 to 20 dollars a month to join the program, and you go to monthly meetings for the information and support and even though I know Weight Watchers might not want me to tell you this, you can really follow the program on your own with the information that is printed on the internet.

Bill Clinton looks to have lost a lot of weight…He’s had heart surgery and problems that he said was due to his weight problems and fast food eating…You can read about it in this CNN report by Dr. Gupta if you missed his show Housecalls show this morning. I’m posting this picture I took of my Television during the CNN coverage cause I don’t think I’ve ever remembered seeing Bill Clinton this skinny before…He looks good but a little pale…and I hope his health is good now…and I want him to know I’m praying for him…You see I want Bill Clinton to go down in history as the one President we have in America that came from a poor childhood, but was intelligent enough and worked hard enough to become President of the United States….He is a shining example of what you can accomplish and what can happen to all of us people who come from poverty. That is why I want a education so badly and I’ve never been able to afford one…now I’m determined to get one…And I want to do this talk website for educational reasons…so hopefully I can die knowing I contributed something positive to the world like Bill Clinton has done. I have a talk site on Bill Clinton...It's not very busy and it doesn't get many comments but I hope one day it will, cause I like talking about this man. You see some people may consider this website a just a joke because we do kid around a lot here…but you must understand that there are many people in the world who haven’t learned how to make a website yet…They are just like I was 5 years ago and they may have never have learned how to make a website about things that are important to them. These quick topic talk sites are so easy to use most people can do it…It gives those people a voice. A place to go and ask questions and maybe get an answer or just voice their ideas and opinions about anything or everything they might care about. I also know that the internet can be a dangerous place and I hope that nothing bad ever happens here at this website an example of what I worry about would be like a young girl might meet up with a kidnapper or something on one of these talk sites we have started and get hurt or in trouble. I warn you all to be careful when using the internet...I’ve heard of things like that on the news and worst stories that have happened and I would be heartbroken if that was to ever happen on these talk sites at Talk Webzine, so talk webzine internet chatters please be careful on these sites…Don't meet up with anybody if you feel it's unsafe...You never know who your talking too...but I still feel like this website can be great for educational purposes and it gives people a voice. If any of you people who participate in these discussion sites are like me…than you have probably sent written correspondence to news, and television networks and magazines and never had a chance to get your written words heard by the open general public…If so than just consider this talk site your voice. A place where you can go and be heard.

I want to write a message for the Time Warner staff and company…You see the day before yesterday I called Time Warner because I needed to ask some questions about picture Copyrights…you see I am fairly new at making websites…and I have only been doing websites for a few years…I was told by the lady at Time Warner that I could not get permission to use pictures that come off of my television set for any websites…and I did not know that because I have seen so many people on the internet do that…Like Don Thompson over at the famous talking head website and there are many others on the internet who do this as well. You see I want permission from Time Warner to use their images, but I realize I’m not going to get it, because Time Warner can’t give permission to anyone to use images. So I’m just going to say this to the Time Warner staff and I know the staff at Time Warner visits our sites sometimes cause our site meters picks your company computers up and lets me know when you visit our sites. I’m going to make policing this talk website easy for you…I will always write where I get my pictures from or post a link back to the place I got it from if I am the one doing the posts on the blogs, but please understand that I am not the only one who post on those talk blogs…they are open to the public and anyone can post on them…. If you see what I am doing as a problem to your company than email me and let me know…My email address is
annx-ray@hotmail.com Feel free to write me anytime and let me know if something on my site is a problem to your staff…This site is just like a little person on the speck of News Talk and Time Warner is like the powerful big brother that most of us admire and fear, and we just want the right to exists, cause you know we are talking about you and your staff on a regular basis…Time Warner is like our big powerful brother. So please lets keep our website and if you want something removed just email me and let me know. I have always been open and honest about who I am and how to reach me…and that goes for anyone else who might want something removed from these talk sites too. Just write me and let me know what to remove…If you are a photographer who wants credit for your photos or wants them removed than just let me know and I will do so. I make no money at doing these websites…This is a public free service and every bit of the information, time and comments I or other people have given are free and open to the public…and Time Warner and any other news network, or independent person can use any comments that are posted on these sites cause these are all open to the public forums and any written statement can be used by anyone. I really do want this site to be legal and useful to the general public, and I hope Time Warner and other media companies see this site as a good thing and let us use their stated words, photos, and information to make this site possible to spread the news on the web.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Talk On Africa 

Ann Stewart: I recently got to see Anderson Cooper’s “Starving in Plain Sight” special on CNN that he and other fine reports did on Africa…I want to tell you that CNN has a website that has links to many sites where you can help the poverty stricken people of Africa…Please go to this site if you can and find out a way you can help…I have collected some of the comments off the internet discussion talk sites on this issue of Starving Africa in Niger and they sound like very sincerely concerned individuals and here are their comments:

Angelfox20032000: It was heartbreaking to watch Anderson reporting on those poor children and their mothers...especially the the three kids he profiled in his reports. So sad that two of them died. I felt bad for the one mother who left her son behind, who had died. It is too much of a burden to bear to carry your dead child so far away to his home, but I understand her grief.
And God bless the Doctors from Doctors without Borders, At least the people have someone who can help ease their suffering and pain.
Anderson was wonderful tonight. I really love seeing him reporting from the field and I am very happy to see him in Africa.
I had also wrote to AC and e-mailed 360 about the Africa situation. I hope the public will be moved by these reports and reach out to help. Lord knows these kids need our help and our prayers. And they need rain too, so we should pray for rain to fall there.... I guess with the drought there in NIger, they don't have any chickens to lay eggs, which would be a good source of protein. The chickens would probably starve too. Even the cattle are too thin to be used for meat.

Lisa71: Anderson had Bono on a few times this year talking about the situation in Africa. Bono and his wife Ali have been involved in bringing the tragedy to the attention of the world for a while. It's good to know that the ACQTers wrote to 360 to express their concern about what's taking place there. A few weeks ago I wrote 360 and email and letter about Africa. I was hoping they'd cover the AIDS crisis. I've been a big fan of Bono and his work with his group DATA. So,I thought it would be great for them to cover that. Even though this isn't about AIDS it's still great to see the news in Africa make headlines here.

Anderlove: The situation in Africa is so awful and unecessary and not covered to any great extent by the media. It's good that Anderson saw the need to explore what's happening there. Seeing children and adults dying when so much could be done is extremely depressing, hopefully the aid will reach those who despertately need it. Anderson is very compassionate and I know he must be having a hard time reporting this story.

Saturn: It was heartwrenching. Watching those poor mothers sitting w/their children and the one having to leave her child behind was awful. It makes me hug my own children a little tighter. I was in tears also. I don't see how he and Jeff do it.

Paige: I watched it and God was it heartbreaking. I literally was in tears several times. It's so important that people see what is going on even though it's got to be extrordinarily difficult to cover. You could see how affected he is... how can you not be, though.

Xox: More excellent reporting from Anderson. It was terrible to find out about the children who died so soon after Anderson had visited them. Hearing the children struggle to even cry from their pain and hunger was unbelievably sad, I was in tears almost immediately. Anderson was right when he warned about how difficult it would be to look at the scenes of the sick children, but all I have to do is look, the people there have to deal with this horrific situation on a day to day basis. I applaud Anderson and Jeff Koinage's reports and Doctors Without Borders and everyone who is trying to bring this crisis to light.

Ann Stewart: This weekend while I was watching Tammy Faye on CNN’s Larry King Live and seeing commercials of Anderson Cooper reporting from Africa, it made me think of some things. You see I’m a Christian…I was raised by a Christian Pastor, who was also raised by a Christian Pastor…So I come from a long line of Christian Pastors and I feel so much empathy for Tammy Faye in her struggle of trying to beating cancer, but I remember back in the past when all the bad reports of Pastor Jim Baker’s behavior was coming out in the press and it seemed to me it made all Christian Pastors look bad. That broke my heart, cause some people sometimes seem to feel as though Pastor’s only want people’s money and they hide behind their faith and religion to pick people’s pockets. Well that may be true of some people or some pastors or even priests. If you watch the Christian Network News stations, they often are asking for money. I wish they wouldn’t do that. It only makes them look like greedy pickpockets to the world and it can give the general public a negatives opinion of our Christian faith. Many Christians and Pastors are just average hard working common American citizens, like my father, who does not ask people for money. He works hard as a machinist to make a living, and does his work as a Pastor without pay. He usually gives to much money, supplies and food to the needy at his church. That’s the kind of Pastors that don’t seem to get recognized by the press and general public enough in my opinion. People seem to only remember the bad that men do, and I wish they would focus on the good. I know I’m guilty of that too, cause when I saw Tammy Faye’s home video on Larry King live…Her home looked alike a mansion compared to the way other people have to live especially in Africa. She had these little cute fluffy dogs that ran around her house and a big ol’e bed with fine sheets and so many fine luxuries. I just couldn’t believe she lived that well and had such a nice home. Than I saw Anderson Cooper reporting from Africa and I have read the reports that Dr. Sanjay Gupta had written on President Bill Clinton’s travels though Africa in Time Magazine and how the African’s are suffering from disease and starving while we Americans are often suffering from being over weight…I have heard we live in the fattest country, with the most overweight people in the world, and yet we sometimes sit around and cry, wine and complain…We should be thanking God for the luxuries we have and Tammy should too, cause some of those people over in Africa probably don’t eat as good as her little cute fluffy dogs do. They’d probably like to eat her little fluffy dogs. And that is just my opinion. I’ll still be praying for Tammy.

I hope you all have a good day and say a prayer for the people of Africa and America too.

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