Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Talk On Africa 

Ann Stewart: I recently got to see Anderson Cooper’s “Starving in Plain Sight” special on CNN that he and other fine reports did on Africa…I want to tell you that CNN has a website that has links to many sites where you can help the poverty stricken people of Africa…Please go to this site if you can and find out a way you can help…I have collected some of the comments off the internet discussion talk sites on this issue of Starving Africa in Niger and they sound like very sincerely concerned individuals and here are their comments:

Angelfox20032000: It was heartbreaking to watch Anderson reporting on those poor children and their mothers...especially the the three kids he profiled in his reports. So sad that two of them died. I felt bad for the one mother who left her son behind, who had died. It is too much of a burden to bear to carry your dead child so far away to his home, but I understand her grief.
And God bless the Doctors from Doctors without Borders, At least the people have someone who can help ease their suffering and pain.
Anderson was wonderful tonight. I really love seeing him reporting from the field and I am very happy to see him in Africa.
I had also wrote to AC and e-mailed 360 about the Africa situation. I hope the public will be moved by these reports and reach out to help. Lord knows these kids need our help and our prayers. And they need rain too, so we should pray for rain to fall there.... I guess with the drought there in NIger, they don't have any chickens to lay eggs, which would be a good source of protein. The chickens would probably starve too. Even the cattle are too thin to be used for meat.

Lisa71: Anderson had Bono on a few times this year talking about the situation in Africa. Bono and his wife Ali have been involved in bringing the tragedy to the attention of the world for a while. It's good to know that the ACQTers wrote to 360 to express their concern about what's taking place there. A few weeks ago I wrote 360 and email and letter about Africa. I was hoping they'd cover the AIDS crisis. I've been a big fan of Bono and his work with his group DATA. So,I thought it would be great for them to cover that. Even though this isn't about AIDS it's still great to see the news in Africa make headlines here.

Anderlove: The situation in Africa is so awful and unecessary and not covered to any great extent by the media. It's good that Anderson saw the need to explore what's happening there. Seeing children and adults dying when so much could be done is extremely depressing, hopefully the aid will reach those who despertately need it. Anderson is very compassionate and I know he must be having a hard time reporting this story.

Saturn: It was heartwrenching. Watching those poor mothers sitting w/their children and the one having to leave her child behind was awful. It makes me hug my own children a little tighter. I was in tears also. I don't see how he and Jeff do it.

Paige: I watched it and God was it heartbreaking. I literally was in tears several times. It's so important that people see what is going on even though it's got to be extrordinarily difficult to cover. You could see how affected he is... how can you not be, though.

Xox: More excellent reporting from Anderson. It was terrible to find out about the children who died so soon after Anderson had visited them. Hearing the children struggle to even cry from their pain and hunger was unbelievably sad, I was in tears almost immediately. Anderson was right when he warned about how difficult it would be to look at the scenes of the sick children, but all I have to do is look, the people there have to deal with this horrific situation on a day to day basis. I applaud Anderson and Jeff Koinage's reports and Doctors Without Borders and everyone who is trying to bring this crisis to light.

Ann Stewart: This weekend while I was watching Tammy Faye on CNN’s Larry King Live and seeing commercials of Anderson Cooper reporting from Africa, it made me think of some things. You see I’m a Christian…I was raised by a Christian Pastor, who was also raised by a Christian Pastor…So I come from a long line of Christian Pastors and I feel so much empathy for Tammy Faye in her struggle of trying to beating cancer, but I remember back in the past when all the bad reports of Pastor Jim Baker’s behavior was coming out in the press and it seemed to me it made all Christian Pastors look bad. That broke my heart, cause some people sometimes seem to feel as though Pastor’s only want people’s money and they hide behind their faith and religion to pick people’s pockets. Well that may be true of some people or some pastors or even priests. If you watch the Christian Network News stations, they often are asking for money. I wish they wouldn’t do that. It only makes them look like greedy pickpockets to the world and it can give the general public a negatives opinion of our Christian faith. Many Christians and Pastors are just average hard working common American citizens, like my father, who does not ask people for money. He works hard as a machinist to make a living, and does his work as a Pastor without pay. He usually gives to much money, supplies and food to the needy at his church. That’s the kind of Pastors that don’t seem to get recognized by the press and general public enough in my opinion. People seem to only remember the bad that men do, and I wish they would focus on the good. I know I’m guilty of that too, cause when I saw Tammy Faye’s home video on Larry King live…Her home looked alike a mansion compared to the way other people have to live especially in Africa. She had these little cute fluffy dogs that ran around her house and a big ol’e bed with fine sheets and so many fine luxuries. I just couldn’t believe she lived that well and had such a nice home. Than I saw Anderson Cooper reporting from Africa and I have read the reports that Dr. Sanjay Gupta had written on President Bill Clinton’s travels though Africa in Time Magazine and how the African’s are suffering from disease and starving while we Americans are often suffering from being over weight…I have heard we live in the fattest country, with the most overweight people in the world, and yet we sometimes sit around and cry, wine and complain…We should be thanking God for the luxuries we have and Tammy should too, cause some of those people over in Africa probably don’t eat as good as her little cute fluffy dogs do. They’d probably like to eat her little fluffy dogs. And that is just my opinion. I’ll still be praying for Tammy.

I hope you all have a good day and say a prayer for the people of Africa and America too.

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