Tuesday, June 01, 2004


Ann: There is some interesting talk going on at the Harold Ford talk site…It’s seems as though a mysteries person that goes by the user name of “One” has a book coming out and the book is due to be released this next month…We have been trying to guess who “One” really is…Another person who goes by the user name of Mtb2 made these interesting guesses.

Mtb2: Do you know what, Harold Honeys? I have been thinking over some mysteries that are happening on this board and placing many pieces together.

I am a very avid reader of books and am constantly trying to figure out what the title of one’s book is.
I searched high and low for “New Releases” coming out in June. Since one is politically savvy and writes biographies/children’s books…there are three theories that are currently swirling in my mind.

1. Former President Clinton is coming out with a new book in June entitled “My Life”. It would be funny and shocking if “one” were Bill Clinton. Ironically, the book will come out on June 22, 2004. Also, Clinton has widely endorsed Harold Ford, Jr. when he gave a speech at Ford’s victory back in 95’.

2. Donna Brazile (former DNC chairwoman?) is also coming out with a new book entitled “Cooking with Grease : Stirring the Pots in American Politics”. Since “one” denied that the book had to do anything with “grease”, I am ruling theory #2 out.

3. This may be far off, but could “one” be Madonna because Madonna also has a book coming out in late June entitled “Yakov and the Seven Thieves.” Since “one” has said that his/her book was biographical, theory #3 is ruled out because “Yakov and the Seven Thieves” is a childrens’ book.

I am leaning towards theory #1. If anyone has any more “theories” or comments about my theories on one’s book, please feel free to post.

Goodnight all.

mtb2 – an insomniac

Ann: Wow...I would love for theory number 1 to be correct too Mtb2...I have always wanted to talk to or meet Bill Clinton...He is one of the few Presidents that is still alive that I haven't got to meet...I did see him speak at the Oklahoma City bombing though...but I never got to meet him... I'd be happy to meet Hillary too…I idolize her a lot. I would say out of all your guesses Donna Brazile is the most believable choice. That would be awesome if you geussed right.

Toya: I was thinking that same thought too Ann. lol

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