Tuesday, June 01, 2004


Ann Stewart: While surf’in the Internet I found a few websites that have Bill Clinton’s new book called “My Life” that is out for sale this month…Now I bet I this man’s life story has got to be interesting…I voted for Bill Clinton in his last election. I was much younger than, and that was the first time I had ever voted in my life, and for some reason back then I didn’t think Clinton was going to win a second term, but he did, and he some made serious political history…

I highly admired Clinton because unlike most Presidents he wasn’t born a millionaire. He was just highly intelligent and he worked his way up from being a poor boy to being a Presidential Sexy God…Well…at least I thought he was handsome…He made big news…He was like the Elvis of the Presidency…He seemed more like a Rock Star than a President…More news was on the scandals he had, instead of his work as President…I remember reading once that Bill Clinton admitted to over taxing Americans during his Presidency…but if you think about it, the surplus was almost at it’s highest when Clinton was in office and now in the Bush era the surplus is gone…I have always heard that if people would have just judged Clinton on his work in office as President instead of his personal relationships, he would have been considered the greatest President of all time. Maybe in the future he will be considered the greatest President that ever was…because as time rolls on the public’s opinion seems to be becoming a little more kind hearted to Bill Clinton…I think that happened to Reagan as well when he got out of office…It sometimes seems like the scandals that Bill Clinton was publicized for made people love him that much more. Maybe because some people felt like he was being tortured for being what George Stephanopoulos would say is “All To Human”…I can’t wait to get a copy of this book. I’m hoping Clinton releases some new interesting pieces of history in this book…“My Life” by Bill Clinton…Anybody got any comments on this book?…We have a new talk site for Bill Clinton now at Talk of Men. Let’s hear your comments on it.

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