Monday, May 31, 2004



Keziah: Hey ya'll. King Abdullah's birthday is in January, the 30th I think. He's got an official site too. Hey have you ever seen pics of King Abdullah in a bathing suit? I saw a couple of him in a bathing suit but um sexy isn't the word I'd use.

Mono: I think King Abdullah is handsome. He's short, but he's cute in my opinion.

Keziah: He's kind of cute. But those pics were bizarre

Mono: King Abdullah reminds of the middle aged cute round happy guy you see and I like the way he talks. It sound very English and refined. You'll have to send me some of those pix so I can judge for myself. I saw King Abdullah on CNN not to long ago. He looked really handsome. He was in a nice suit and he was just adorable, for a cute little short guy.

Keziah: I like his cheeks and his accent.

Mono: I really liked how King Abdullah handled the War with Iraq. He tried not to get involved, but he wanted the UN to have leadership in the finding of WMD and believed we shouldn't go to war, and I will say that I agree with him on that. I feel sorry for a little country like Jordan to be in such a hostile area, but I do think King Abdullah handled the war really well and is doing good at keeping Jordan neutral in this conflict.

Keziah: It’s just that for me seeing him in a bathing suit was just weird.

Mono: Well I like him as a leader I guess. I hope he stays on our American leaders good side and so far he has done that. I hope there is some peace in that area soon.

Keziah: The war was difficult for everybody. Nasty how cowardly Saddam was in the end, hiding in a hole and all. Hopefully there will be peace soon. There's just some people who try to mess it up for the people that want peace.

Mono: There’s a new talk site out on HRH King Abdullah. I think he’s a interesting subject to talk about. The photo is from BBC News.

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