Monday, May 31, 2004


Ann: Did anybody see Anderson Cooper’s 360? There was a story of Cannibalism, where a guy ran an add on the internet for 3 years trying to find someone who wanted to be eaten, and some guy responded to it. He wanted to be eaten. I don’t know if I believe that or not. But that just shows you how dangerous the Internet can be. He filmed the whole thing. He cut out part of his organs cooked them and fed it to the man and ate it himself and than he killed the guy. I guess after they got done eating. Talk about a bad last meal. He ate his own organs before he died. Oh gross. Anderson Cooper called it the most bizarre story of the day. I think this happened in Germany. Man what a freak. I hope they legally throw the book at him for that. I call it murder. I don’t care if the guy volunteered to die; it’s still murder in my book.

Doraemon: Hi Ann - I did see that story...what a freak!! Anderson didn't even know where to start with that...he seemed so shocked or confused didn't know what to do with the story!!

Ann: That should go down in history to be one of the freakiest stories of they year.

Mouse: I agree with you. He is from my area where I grow up. This story was going on for a while. Everybody is chocked how easygoing (Armin M. the guy who ate the/a people/person.) is taking his trail. He seems to be very relaxed. That thing is we don't have a death sentence in Germany. In these particular case I would like to hear these sentences, but he get live time jail and if he behaves he gets free earlier He is only 42. So buy the time he is 60 or so he will be a free man again. Also ready for his retirement. Probably paid by the German government. Many of these crazy people commit the crime then again. That what a statistic says. The bad or angry part is our pedestrians are very comfortable they look like hotels they have a gym, pool/inside outside whirlpool. I look forward to the outcome of the trail maybe laws will be changed. I hope

Panda:Eeeew! That stuff with the cannibal in Germany? Freaked me out beyond repair. But the "Nth Degree" with Santa was kind of humorous, so I didn't feel so bad at the end of the night. That's still weird. I mean, granted there's nothing on the books about cannibalism in Germany, but c'mon. Is there really a need for a law for or against cannibalism?

Laura in LA: Ann, did not see that story - that's the sickest thing I have ever heard. My stomach rolled reading your post. You can bet now everybody's on the net looking for the "film." The fascination with the macabre seems to be wired into the human brain. Everyone was into those "faces of death" videos years ago - ya know, footage of people dying horrific deaths. I could not watch it and I don't think I have that "wiring." I cannot find anything "cool" about someone being ripped to shreds by a bear. Nor can I separate the "gore" from the fact that it's a human being that died. I think about the fact that the person who died was loved and needed. I think about the pain and fear and how terrible it is that his/her children will not have a parent, etc.


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