Monday, May 31, 2004


Jennifer (Bush Supporter): I saw George Bush on the television talking about how Mad Cow won't affect us and that he is eating beef today. I just thought that was a interesting thing to say by the President. Now if there is a major Mad Cow brake out the Dem's can say it's his fault, like they always do. It's like point the finger at the man you choose. When the blackouts happened they blamed him for that too, the dem's will probably blame him for this too.

DC: My son is blaming GWB for the University of Michigan losing to USC in yesterday's Rose Bowl.......Go figure! (just kidding)

Ann Stewart: Good morning DC....Your up bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning. Well I'm guessing that you are, with a cute statement like that.

DC: Getting ready to go play golf! In Chicago, that is a rare treat this time of year! I blame(credit) BUSH!! Thanks GWB!

Wayne in Missouri: DC,--I do blame Bush for the Texas Rangers consistently finishing last in their division though :-). As GM of the Rangers he traded Sammy Sosa to the Cubs among his list of many bad decisions. Just goes to show that people should be hired based on their ability to do the job and not on their family connections. Since we're talking sports I figured I'd sneak that one in there ;-). Happy New Year to all!

DC: Wayne........GWB did NOT trade Sammy to the Cubs, he traded him to the White Sox! The White Sox traded him to the Cubs for filling station magnate George Bell!
George Bell proceeded to hit 63 homeruns for the sox, while Sammy has hit 510 for the Cubs! Some trade eh?

Wayne in Missouri:Ann,--I was surfing the web tonight and actually found an animated cartoon that makes a humorous reference to Bush's Sammy Sosa trade. The cartoon as a whole is too long but the Sosa reference is funny.

Ann Stewart: OMG That was harlious Wayne I'm going to post that on both blogs. I love the part where Laura Bush sprayed him with Mase and Jeb Bush is better off cause no one talks about his infidelity or how criminal his children are. That was so funny. That is a defiantly good posting material.
Thanks Wayne

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