Saturday, July 30, 2005

Talk on Kevin Trudeau 

Ann Stewart: Is this man Kevin Trudeau who claims to have natural cures for cancer, diabetes and 100’s of other illnesses for real?…You see I’m asking cause my father who had a enlarged prostate said the doctors didn’t help him much, and he bought this book written by Kevin Trudeau and my dad said it did help him…but I watched this man Kevin Trudeau on television this morning and he was degraded doctors in general and talking very badly about the FDA and our American Medical care providers in general…He said, ‘doctors and the FDA don’t want you to get well and they only want your money…so they keep you sick so they can get your money and make you buy more of their drugs’… I thought that was very negative stereotyping and way to overly general of a thing to say about all doctors….I kind of took offense to what this man said cause I am into the medical field and I have always thought that most people who want to go into the medical field have real genuine desire to help people. Where does this man get the idea to say that doctors don’t want their patients to get well?…How can he be that general with his statement. He must have gone to the all wrong doctors in his life and another thing is he’s not even a doctor himself…but yet he’s selling a book that supposedly gives out cures for many different diseases and tells people where they can get drugs over the internet?…GET THAT…He’s selling a book!!! Well doesn’t that mean he wants money for his book? I’m not saying that book he has written isn’t something that could help people…My father obviously believes in it, but I’m saying Mr. Trudeau’s negativity and over stereotyping people in the medical field can be a really bad thing to do in my opinion, cause to degrade the majority of health care providers (Trudeau especially degraded the doctors that we have in this country) and to make them all out to be evil people who want to keep patients sick to get their money kind of makes him sound like a angry nut. Not all doctors could be that evil…to keep their patients sick so they can pick their pockets….I just want to know if this guy Kevin Trudeau’s book Natural Cures is really a good book to follow for things like enlarged prostates, cancer and diabetes cause I don’t want people in my family following the wrong medical advice. So if anyone knows anything about this guys book and medical information than please let me know…I find it hard to take medical advice from a man who isn’t even a doctor or in the medical field.

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Monday, July 18, 2005

Election Debate 2008…Who do you think should run for President of the United States?  

Ann Stewart: New Topic is Election Debate 2008…Who do you think should run for President of the USA?…I know this talk site is being put out really early…but I’m putting it out anyways because it takes a long time for these discussion sites to get regular subscribers and for people on the internet to get talking about a subject…The Question is, “Who do you think should run for President of United States in 2008?” Do you think Hiliary Clinton will run?…That is a big rumor I’ve been hearing about Hiliary. Do you think John Kerry, John Edwards, or Howard Dean, should try again? Or on the republican side, do you think Dick Chaney should run? I think the one thing that could hurt Dick’s chances of becoming President is he is publicized to have a bad heart condition. I don’t know if the American people would vote for someone who they think could pass from cardiac arrest. Just my opinion. Or what about Jeb Bush?…How many think he might run for President 2008? I always thought he would make a better President than his big brother anyways cause Jeb has been publicized to be more level headed or calmer, but I really don’t know him so how could I say. But what about maybe Gov. Rick Perry of Texas…He’s kind of a Bush buddy. He served under George W. Bush as Lt. Governor of Texas, before he became governor. And I know this sound kind of silly…but how many of you think Arnold Schwarzenegger might make it to the Presidency? I know they would have to change the law about being born an American citizen, but hey people seem to like Arnold so much they just might do that. What do ya think? I say this cause I didn’t think anyone would take him seriously when he was running for governor of California. Boy was I wrong. Arnold won by a landside!!!

Also since the democrats seem to be losing elections a lot lately…How many of you think that if they ran a more conservative democrat against the republicans they would have a better chance of winning? I think the Democrats are really hurting right now. They have lost a lot of elections to the Republicans as Governors, in the Senate and in Congress. How many of you think the Democratic way of Government should be done away with? I have met a few Libertarians that think that and they also think their way of government is the best way and the way of the future. These Libertarians that I’ve met believe it’s only a matter of time before their way of government will replace the popular mostly Democrats Vs. Republican Elections we are having now. About the libertarians…They kinda scare me…Cause I’ve met some of them that think their way of government will be the United States future government, and I see that kind of Libertarian Governing that they have in mind as being like “You should take care of yourself cause the Government shouldn’t have to take care of you.” That kind of attitude is what scares me about Libertarians. Would that end Social Security and other government aid programs if Libertarians did take control of the government? Here’s one persons opinion of Libertarians from the Rant discussion board:

LIQUIDSMOKE: A libertarian is someone who wants to privatize almost everything, including schools. They are preservers of the constitution and would get rid any type of government regulation, like seatbelt laws and would legalize all drugs, prostitution and abolish all taxes, IRS, CIA, FBI etc. They see social security as a "fraudulent scheme" and would end welfare. They would preserve police and the courts and prosecute only violent criminals and violent sex offenders, because they only see government as a preserver of rights and liberties and anybody who intrudes on somebody else's rights. It sounds good on paper and I think a libertarian would only last for about 6 mos in the White House. I believe though that moderate libertarianism is the way to go in this country. Jesse Ventura and Bill O'Reilly are good examples of moderate libertarianism. They believe in less government involvement, public schools, and judgments in society. That’s where the true libertarians screw up. They forget the fact that we as a society must make judgments and follow a code of ethics, and basic civilized laws. If Ventura would ever run or somebody like his platform, I'd definitely vote for them.

Ann Stewart: And how many of you think an Independent should become President this time or do you have anyone in mind that you believe would have the best chance at the Presidency? If you do have someone in mind, the new 2008 Online Election Debate site is up…So please feel free to give any of your thoughts and opinions.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Comments On Article "Talk On Politics and Religion (Is this a scary subject?)" 

Kevin Airrington: Hi Ann..

I wish I had more time to go into this. But I will just let you know that I DO support the war. London was a stark reminder of the kind of cowardly enemy we face.

My nephew was also in Iraq, and like yours he did not want to go. But after he was there we spoke via Yahoo on the computer...and he told me he knew why he was there.

My nephew has since returned home...and then volunteered to return...I didn't want him to go...but then he said, "Uncle Kevin, we're not finished!" Ann, this ripped me through the heart as I fought back tears all I could say is I was proud of him.

Ann, NOBODY likes war...except mabey the animals we are fighting right now. Someone forgot to tell these people the war is over and all we want to do is help them rebuild thyeir country and we get out of their country. 99% of Iraqi's understand and see this. It's the Syrians, the Iranians and other who fear they are next...and I do beleive either Iran or N. Korea is next if they continue to develope WMD's and sponsor terrorism.

I pray for the day when we can all come home and put this behind us...

President Bush is a Christian...and I beleive makes his decisions prayerfully. I beleive he will be remembered in history as one of the greatest Presidents ever.

Is it Christians against Islam? Yes it is...it always has been. It should never be people against people...but it is. The bible says that those that live by the sword also die by the sword (Islam). The Bible also teaches us that our battle is not against flesh and blood but against principalities in dark places.

For me and my house, I will not hide my Christianity nor fold my American flag and put in a drawer just so that I can keep from offending someone. Because I do not care if I offend them...this is my country and people like your nephew and my nephew fought to make sure it stays that way.

This does not mean that I will not be polite and friendly to a Muslim...but I will not hide the fact that I am a christian and I will fly my flag and celebrate the freedom's that were paid for by a very high price. The blood of those who fought for their country stain the flag that flies high above my house...Christ's blood was shred that I may have everlasting life...many deciples died terrible deaths in order to spread the gospel.

Yes, I am a Christian who lives in America. I am proud of my country and those who so bravely defend her in the night in some far away country. I solute the young men and women who wear the the uniform of these United States. May God Bless them and keep them safe as they battle this evil that is upon us...pure evil. I thank God each day we have a President who is a Christain and man enough and has the guts enough to face this evil head on!

Everyone should run over to http://www.rushlimbaugh.com and purchase a Club Gitmo shirt. We need to taunt the enemy...screw them...come out and fight you coward...come face the might of the US MIlitary and her allies...

I think Christianity is NOT in our Government as much as our founders wanted it to be. The separation of church and state is not even in the constitution! What is in there is that no state shall make law concerning the church. So if there is a wall it is one way! Our founders understood this...opening their sessions with prayer...THIS IS A CHRISTIAN NATION!!!!! Fly your flag...the Red, The White and The Blue...be proud...do not compromise...carry your King James Bible...

Those are my feelings and the facts as I see them...

Delenn: I don't get online much anymore, but saw Ann's post at the Gupta site and felt like commenting. Ann is right that a person would have to be blind to not realize the domination of Christianity in this country, including politics and the government, although right now at least, that doesn't seem to include caring for the poor and the least among you and all that. The disagreement is over whether this is appropriate or not. I am on the definitely not side. It might be revealing for people to imagine how everything they see, experience, and encounter might feel a bit different if they were an atheist, as I have been since I was 12 or 13 (I'm 21 now).

Recently I've experienced the pervasiveness of Christianity more in non-governmental contexts, though this can be different depending upon where you are and the amount of diversity there. The store where I work closes on only one day, Christmas Day. I did get a shorter workday on July 4th because my department manager wanted us to have some time with our families. Then the other day at work a man asked if I were a Christian and when I said no told me that I dressed like one (I had on a T-shirt and ankle-length khaki skirt, with my smock on top). Because, you know, all non-Christians dress like whores (not his words). I guess this man didn't consider that the store dress code is rather against dressing like a whore, though it doesn't state it exactly that way. It's just been getting on my nerves.

As an aside, for people who live in places like I do, rural Bible belt places with little diversity, try imagining what it's like to be an atheist and a vegetarian! You really feel different walking around, though it's not difference that's so obvious to everyone else, like skin color or something. Argh.

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Talk On Politics and Religion (Is this a scary subject?) 

Ann Stewart: I was sitting in church today when the topic of discussion became about the religion Islam. It was amazing to me to hear how evil some Christians think the Islamic faith is. Someone in my church said, “Muslim people are raised from birth to hate and kill Christians. In the Koran it teaches Muslims to kill Christians.” That statement broke my heart and I thought to myself “Oh dear God…I wonder if people of the Islamic faith think Christians are raised from birth to kill Muslims too?” I hope and pray most Muslim people don’t believe that about Christians. You see I have neighbors that live next door to me who are Muslim Kurds. Their children often come over and play with my children. These Kurdish children are the most well mannered and most polite kids in my neighborhood. They are even better mannered than my kids. You see I didn’t agree with the war on Iraq. I protested it all over the Internet. I guess I felt like it was an unjustified war that the Bush Administration started and the government wasn’t willing to try to work it out any other way. It also made me sad because I felt like a president that I voted for put us in this unnecessary war. I guess I wish I could be more like the Pope; cause I sometimes feel like if anything causes death it shouldn’t be done, but we all know from history that sometimes there are reasons that are important enough to go to war for, so maybe I shouldn’t be so disappointed in President Bush. He did get re-elected even though I didn’t vote for him the second time around, there’s got to be many people out there who did believe in the war with Iraq and also feel like Bush is doing a great job or he wouldn't have been re-elected. I also have another theory about how Bush got re-elected. I believe it’s because he is a Christian. I also think people are fooling themselves if they think they can separate religion and politics or church and state, and if you don’t see by the re-election of President Bush what the dominating religion is here in America than I think you are blind. Christianity rules this country over all other religions. Maybe I feel this way because my father is a Christian minister who wanted Bush re-elected and he would stand on the alter on Sundays and tell people why they should vote for Bush. I used to tell my father not to do that. I would tell him you are going to offend the democrats or people who don’t have the same political opinions as you. I told my father your congregation may decline if you keep telling people to vote for Bush…but it didn’t. Christians wanted to see a Christian in the Whitehouse. I still feel like this country is dominated by Christianity because just look at the major holidays we celebrate in this country, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. All of those holidays were brought about by Christian religious beliefs. When we did the 2004 online election debate, to me it seemed like people felt as though Kerry had no religious morals. He was for gay marriage, pro-choice, and he was divorced and remarried. John Kerry could have been the best Christian on the face of the planet and could have had the highest morals any human could have thought possible, but the Christians in this country didn’t think so and that’s why I believe John Kerry lost the election.

Here’s one other reason I protested the war with Iraq. Here is a link to a picture of one of my nephews Todd Bohannon. Like a lot of young men in my family, Todd was 18 when he joined the Calvary. That was when I first started hearing we may go to war with Iraq. I told Todd to get out of the military as soon as possible and I thought to myself if anybody is going to get shot and killed in Iraq it could be one of my family. So I protested the war. Todd is now safe back in Texas, and out of the military and I am so glad…I partially raised him cause I was the youngest of 6 kids and I have 5 older brothers…so my older brothers used me as the family baby sitter. I always felt like Todd was my kid and I helped raise that boy. To see him die in Iraq or any other member of my family would have killed me. Luckily none of my family died. They all came back safe, but I was reading an article in People Magazine that said President Bush’s twin daughters where saying they wanted to rally the troops and I thought to myself if they really want to rally the troops why don’t they go join the Calvary and be on the front lines. Than maybe President Bush wouldn’t be so gung ho to put his precious daughters in the line of fire. Than maybe he’d understand how I feel. I didn’t want to see any Iraqi people die either…I just didn’t want anyone to die.

Do you feel like Christianity partially rules our government? If so go ahead and post it at the talk of religion site. I have always wanted to find out other people’s views on other religions. I was raised a Christian…..and I mean by a very Christian minister father, but I am open minded enough to listen to other view points about religion…It helps me understand our world and other cultural beliefs better.

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