Saturday, August 20, 2005

Talk On Killer Dennis Rader 

xox: Anderson's coverage of BTK was sensitive to the victims and their families and yet we were still able to get a sense of what made him commit such unthinkable acts. It's such a scary story because this guy didn't raise any red flags with the people he was around on a daily basis. I'd prefer to not hear from him anymore, but it's important that we have some idea about these monsters so that they won't go undetected until it's too late. Park Dietz, the criminal psychologist has been one of 360's most fascinating guests.

Anderson continues to amaze me with his ability to report on difficult subjects such as BTK and the London bombing suspect error and yet still be able to make his viewers laugh with his silly antics (the computer freak-out).

Anderson recommended that book 'Blink' by Malcolm Gladwell and I'm going to buy it. When 360 did that series based on on Gladwell's book, I meant to buy it, but never got around to it. If Anderson recommends something, I tend to listen to him because I admire him and generally the things he's interested in and what he's featured on his show are usually things that interest me also.

Big O: xox, i thought "Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell was an interesting read. in that it's a NYTimes best-seller, the major bookstores sell the hardcover @ 40% off. i agree, Anderson is a great book reviewer! that might be another career choice he has yet to discover for himself.

Phoenix: Couldn't bear to watch the BTK coverage, I know what he did, that's enough for me. Doesn't the fact that they don't raise any red flags mean that they WILL go undetected until it's too late? One of the lessons from these serial killers who operate over a span of years is that they can appear, to those who know them, to be ordinary people. Natalee Holloway made a mistake w/people she DIDN'T know; Rader's family and friends were mistaken w/someone they DID know. It's scary allright!

Ann Stewart: One thing I’m not happy about is that Dennis Rader the killer is said to claim he’s a Christian…Talk about giving Christianity a bad name...I beg of you folks…Please don’t judge Christians by people like that. I pray for his soul, and hope he really is a Christian…but after the sins he commented…I’m not even sure he deserves purgatory…But than I’m not God…I can’t judge....Rader cried and showed tears, sorrow and remorse...but that's not enough for the family or the general public...I don't think 10 life sentences is even enough punishment for the grieving families. I bet they want him to fry. I used to be a correctional officer and I've had to take care and book inmates that were pretty bad killers and other criminals that commented some pretty bad crimes…and general public sometimes thinks as long as they are in jail they are no danger to people…but they are still a danger…I have seen killers make weapons out of fish bones while incarcerated and use them on each other…I have seen officers get hurt a lot on the inside of a jail too…So don’t think that killers aren’t a danger just because they are locked up…They still can kill on the inside too…I hope Rader doesn’t get put in General Population…That would just be stupidity in my opinion.

Susan: Ann, I wouldn't give Dennis Rader and his "Christian" comments a second thought. How many people have used the Church as a reason to do awful things? How many others have claimed to be a child of God, and continued to go to a house of worship, all the while they're committing crimes to humanity? Alot of people seem to use the word "Christian" loosley, to say the least. People like Rader only do things to thrill their narcissictic ego's.

I like what one of the family members had to say: Her sister and the other victims will be waiting in heaven with God and watching was Rader burns in hell.......I think she hit it on the head :-)

BTK Christian: I am glad the guy thinks he's a Christian, it means his sorry ass is going to hell. I believe in Karma and that whatever you do in this life affects this one and into the next. In that case, may God REALLY give him what he deserves! Let him be tortured to death by some madman.

funkymunky: Wow. That friend of the BTK killer is unbelievable. The guy seems to be completely in denial that his buddy is a sick, twisted, serial killer. That interview gave me goosebumps, especially the joke he made about Rader's "unsuccessful knot."

Lana: The btk's so called friend seemed oblivious to the fact that his supposed buddy was a serial killer.You could tell Anderson was trying to hold his tongue in this interview.
In keeping with program's motto cover all sides.

Paige: I was appalled at the friend of the BTK killer. He was either in some serious denial, or just one sick man. And that joke about the unsuccessful knot was just beyond comprehension.

Angelfox20032000: Hey, I was ready to throw something at the tv at that nutter Anderson was interviewing. I was shocked by his demeanor, and he must be in some kind of denial, to say that Rader is still his friend and will be until the day he dies.
Personally, I want Rader to rot in hell for what he did, and Martin had no right to make that joke about the 'missed knot' or whatever it was...I'm glad to see Anderson show some revulsion at this man's story.
The man's a pig and so is BTK.
I apologize for my angry diatribe, but I had to vent after seeing that.

Ann Stewart: And I think I’ve said this before…Christianity is not a bad faith…It’s just got a bad reputation….I think it’s partly because it’s caused many wars…and people who claim to Christians do cruel and evil things…but I know Christians of high morals and honorable, but humble lifestyles. So my stomach gets upset when anything makes Christian faith as a whole look bad…I guess that’s why I talk about it so much and think people like the BTK killer Dennis Radar professing to be a Christian makes me sick, cause it makes our faith look bad…Why couldn’t he profess to be a devil worshiper or something…Than it wouldn’t give Christianity a black eye.

Susan: Stop trying to apologize for those that use religion as a back drop for what they did, or for the reason they did what they did. Those that know about who God is and have a great relationship with him, know that these people are not true to any faith or religion.

Trying to convince someone of the fault in these people (with their referenced to God, religion, etc.)is a futile effort on your part. Your time could best be used by concentrating on those that truly live by trying to be good people - to other human beings, to kids and animals, to the environment and especially to God (whomever God may be for these people).

Too much time is already being spent on the people of zero standards, that do the unthinkable to anyone & anything on this earth. These people will not change, nor are they worth your time. They're not worth anyone's time - except to try to stop before they start committing these crimes, or to catch after they've started.

Continue to concentrate on those closest to you and to those things that you wish to invest your time and effort in - knowing that you'll make a difference there.

Those that know aout faith, know.

There's always going to be someone that has an opposite opinion or is skeptical about Christianity or any faith because of the Radar's (and OBL) of the world - their argument has no merit.

You, I and God know that - God will handle that issue - He's better suited for that than you or I.

Oh, and no more reference to Radar as the BTK.....that's a monicur that he came up with for himself. He doesn't deserve the credit nor the continued appearance that he's still getting "talked about"

Ann Stewart: You're right Susan...I just wish he'd say he was a devil worshiper instead of a Christian...than I wouldn’t be so confused about his evil behavior.

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