Monday, August 08, 2005

Love Talk On Peter Jennings & RIP 

Lana: My thoughts and prayers are with the family of Peter Jennings . I sincerely hope that they find comfort
with God during this dark time.

Paige: What a sad day. Peter Jennings will be truly missed- he was a great journalist and a real class act. God bless his family, and may he rest in peace.

Appletown: So sad about Mr. Jennings. His loss will be great. I lost my mom to lung cancer 11 1/2 years ago. Last week I found out one of my favorite people was diagnosed with lung cancer. This morning I got the call she passed over the weekend. I hate this disease and wish and pray they would find a cure. We can spend billions on a war, trillions on space discovery but our government can't spend that kind of money to erase such a horrible killer. Strange isn't it, the governments are spending billions on wars that kill people but not billions to save lives. I just don't get it.

Angelfox20032000: I was so sad to learn of Peter Jenning's passing. I turrned on 'ABC World News Now' to see the shuttle landing and saw Charlie Gibson talking about Peter's life and career and he had Barbra Walters and Ted Koppel on making comments.
My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and to all of Peter Jennings' ABC News colleagues, past and present, including Anderson.
Peter was a wonderful journalist and a fine person. When I was much younger, I had a crush on him, lol. I thought he was so handsome.
He will indeed be sorely missed. But, hopefully, he did not suffer in his final hours and dies peacefully, with his family at his bedside.

WiseEye: Deepest thoughts and prayers to the Jennings family and the family at ABCNews

Anon: RIP Mr Jennings.

the delightful big O: It was said that Peter Jennings passed in the presence of his family. it appears that he lived a great life, with a wonderful, fulfilling career. his offscreen time full of laughter with his family and friends.

Canadians are the Best: I am in shock and so disheartened that one of the most talented individuals on the planet (and a fellow Canadian), PETER JENNINGS, has died!

here is a letter he wrote while he underwent chemo. what a great man. He will surely be missed:

"Yesterday I decided to go to the office; I live only a few blocks away. I got as far as the bedroom door. Chemo strikes.

Do I detect a knowing but sympathetic smile on many of your faces? You knew this was coming.

Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania wrote me a note to say that the only way to get through chemo is to "work your way through it." He's a tougher man than I am.

I assume there are a few others out there who, like me, are going with the flow until the day gets better.

Incidentally, Hamilton Jordan, former Chief of Staff in the Carter Administration, sent me his book "No Such Thing as a Bad Day." He's had cancer four times. He tells me, as have many others, that when it gets really bad, it will get better. Phew!

Thousands of you have spoiled me rotten with your attention in the last couple of weeks. Whether you have a cancer connection or not, your anecdotes, mementos, home recipes, and general all-purpose guidance and concern have all been so deeply appreciated. I hope you know.

So many experiences have meant something special. A woman in my building, who is a cancer survivor, showed up at our front door so that we could see that bald really is beautiful. She's right.

I won't soon forget an encounter as I was leaving the hospital. A middle-aged couple was going into the building and as they passed me, I heard my name and turned. The woman stepped right into my face and said, "Me too. Lung cancer." Instinctively, immediately, we gave each other a hug & a real hug & and went on our respective ways knowing that we had been strengthened by the connection.

So thank you for all of the connections. And finally, if you would, add a friend of mine to your prayers. The jazz legend Percy Heath, whose bass anchored the Modern Jazz Quartet for four decades, died of bone cancer on Sunday. He was 81 and we will sure miss him.

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