Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Talk On Politics and Religion (Is this a scary subject?) 

Ann Stewart: I was sitting in church today when the topic of discussion became about the religion Islam. It was amazing to me to hear how evil some Christians think the Islamic faith is. Someone in my church said, “Muslim people are raised from birth to hate and kill Christians. In the Koran it teaches Muslims to kill Christians.” That statement broke my heart and I thought to myself “Oh dear God…I wonder if people of the Islamic faith think Christians are raised from birth to kill Muslims too?” I hope and pray most Muslim people don’t believe that about Christians. You see I have neighbors that live next door to me who are Muslim Kurds. Their children often come over and play with my children. These Kurdish children are the most well mannered and most polite kids in my neighborhood. They are even better mannered than my kids. You see I didn’t agree with the war on Iraq. I protested it all over the Internet. I guess I felt like it was an unjustified war that the Bush Administration started and the government wasn’t willing to try to work it out any other way. It also made me sad because I felt like a president that I voted for put us in this unnecessary war. I guess I wish I could be more like the Pope; cause I sometimes feel like if anything causes death it shouldn’t be done, but we all know from history that sometimes there are reasons that are important enough to go to war for, so maybe I shouldn’t be so disappointed in President Bush. He did get re-elected even though I didn’t vote for him the second time around, there’s got to be many people out there who did believe in the war with Iraq and also feel like Bush is doing a great job or he wouldn't have been re-elected. I also have another theory about how Bush got re-elected. I believe it’s because he is a Christian. I also think people are fooling themselves if they think they can separate religion and politics or church and state, and if you don’t see by the re-election of President Bush what the dominating religion is here in America than I think you are blind. Christianity rules this country over all other religions. Maybe I feel this way because my father is a Christian minister who wanted Bush re-elected and he would stand on the alter on Sundays and tell people why they should vote for Bush. I used to tell my father not to do that. I would tell him you are going to offend the democrats or people who don’t have the same political opinions as you. I told my father your congregation may decline if you keep telling people to vote for Bush…but it didn’t. Christians wanted to see a Christian in the Whitehouse. I still feel like this country is dominated by Christianity because just look at the major holidays we celebrate in this country, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. All of those holidays were brought about by Christian religious beliefs. When we did the 2004 online election debate, to me it seemed like people felt as though Kerry had no religious morals. He was for gay marriage, pro-choice, and he was divorced and remarried. John Kerry could have been the best Christian on the face of the planet and could have had the highest morals any human could have thought possible, but the Christians in this country didn’t think so and that’s why I believe John Kerry lost the election.

Here’s one other reason I protested the war with Iraq. Here is a link to a picture of one of my nephews Todd Bohannon. Like a lot of young men in my family, Todd was 18 when he joined the Calvary. That was when I first started hearing we may go to war with Iraq. I told Todd to get out of the military as soon as possible and I thought to myself if anybody is going to get shot and killed in Iraq it could be one of my family. So I protested the war. Todd is now safe back in Texas, and out of the military and I am so glad…I partially raised him cause I was the youngest of 6 kids and I have 5 older brothers…so my older brothers used me as the family baby sitter. I always felt like Todd was my kid and I helped raise that boy. To see him die in Iraq or any other member of my family would have killed me. Luckily none of my family died. They all came back safe, but I was reading an article in People Magazine that said President Bush’s twin daughters where saying they wanted to rally the troops and I thought to myself if they really want to rally the troops why don’t they go join the Calvary and be on the front lines. Than maybe President Bush wouldn’t be so gung ho to put his precious daughters in the line of fire. Than maybe he’d understand how I feel. I didn’t want to see any Iraqi people die either…I just didn’t want anyone to die.

Do you feel like Christianity partially rules our government? If so go ahead and post it at the talk of religion site. I have always wanted to find out other people’s views on other religions. I was raised a Christian…..and I mean by a very Christian minister father, but I am open minded enough to listen to other view points about religion…It helps me understand our world and other cultural beliefs better.

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