Saturday, July 30, 2005

Talk on Kevin Trudeau 

Ann Stewart: Is this man Kevin Trudeau who claims to have natural cures for cancer, diabetes and 100’s of other illnesses for real?…You see I’m asking cause my father who had a enlarged prostate said the doctors didn’t help him much, and he bought this book written by Kevin Trudeau and my dad said it did help him…but I watched this man Kevin Trudeau on television this morning and he was degraded doctors in general and talking very badly about the FDA and our American Medical care providers in general…He said, ‘doctors and the FDA don’t want you to get well and they only want your money…so they keep you sick so they can get your money and make you buy more of their drugs’… I thought that was very negative stereotyping and way to overly general of a thing to say about all doctors….I kind of took offense to what this man said cause I am into the medical field and I have always thought that most people who want to go into the medical field have real genuine desire to help people. Where does this man get the idea to say that doctors don’t want their patients to get well?…How can he be that general with his statement. He must have gone to the all wrong doctors in his life and another thing is he’s not even a doctor himself…but yet he’s selling a book that supposedly gives out cures for many different diseases and tells people where they can get drugs over the internet?…GET THAT…He’s selling a book!!! Well doesn’t that mean he wants money for his book? I’m not saying that book he has written isn’t something that could help people…My father obviously believes in it, but I’m saying Mr. Trudeau’s negativity and over stereotyping people in the medical field can be a really bad thing to do in my opinion, cause to degrade the majority of health care providers (Trudeau especially degraded the doctors that we have in this country) and to make them all out to be evil people who want to keep patients sick to get their money kind of makes him sound like a angry nut. Not all doctors could be that evil…to keep their patients sick so they can pick their pockets….I just want to know if this guy Kevin Trudeau’s book Natural Cures is really a good book to follow for things like enlarged prostates, cancer and diabetes cause I don’t want people in my family following the wrong medical advice. So if anyone knows anything about this guys book and medical information than please let me know…I find it hard to take medical advice from a man who isn’t even a doctor or in the medical field.

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