Monday, July 18, 2005

Election Debate 2008…Who do you think should run for President of the United States?  

Ann Stewart: New Topic is Election Debate 2008…Who do you think should run for President of the USA?…I know this talk site is being put out really early…but I’m putting it out anyways because it takes a long time for these discussion sites to get regular subscribers and for people on the internet to get talking about a subject…The Question is, “Who do you think should run for President of United States in 2008?” Do you think Hiliary Clinton will run?…That is a big rumor I’ve been hearing about Hiliary. Do you think John Kerry, John Edwards, or Howard Dean, should try again? Or on the republican side, do you think Dick Chaney should run? I think the one thing that could hurt Dick’s chances of becoming President is he is publicized to have a bad heart condition. I don’t know if the American people would vote for someone who they think could pass from cardiac arrest. Just my opinion. Or what about Jeb Bush?…How many think he might run for President 2008? I always thought he would make a better President than his big brother anyways cause Jeb has been publicized to be more level headed or calmer, but I really don’t know him so how could I say. But what about maybe Gov. Rick Perry of Texas…He’s kind of a Bush buddy. He served under George W. Bush as Lt. Governor of Texas, before he became governor. And I know this sound kind of silly…but how many of you think Arnold Schwarzenegger might make it to the Presidency? I know they would have to change the law about being born an American citizen, but hey people seem to like Arnold so much they just might do that. What do ya think? I say this cause I didn’t think anyone would take him seriously when he was running for governor of California. Boy was I wrong. Arnold won by a landside!!!

Also since the democrats seem to be losing elections a lot lately…How many of you think that if they ran a more conservative democrat against the republicans they would have a better chance of winning? I think the Democrats are really hurting right now. They have lost a lot of elections to the Republicans as Governors, in the Senate and in Congress. How many of you think the Democratic way of Government should be done away with? I have met a few Libertarians that think that and they also think their way of government is the best way and the way of the future. These Libertarians that I’ve met believe it’s only a matter of time before their way of government will replace the popular mostly Democrats Vs. Republican Elections we are having now. About the libertarians…They kinda scare me…Cause I’ve met some of them that think their way of government will be the United States future government, and I see that kind of Libertarian Governing that they have in mind as being like “You should take care of yourself cause the Government shouldn’t have to take care of you.” That kind of attitude is what scares me about Libertarians. Would that end Social Security and other government aid programs if Libertarians did take control of the government? Here’s one persons opinion of Libertarians from the Rant discussion board:

LIQUIDSMOKE: A libertarian is someone who wants to privatize almost everything, including schools. They are preservers of the constitution and would get rid any type of government regulation, like seatbelt laws and would legalize all drugs, prostitution and abolish all taxes, IRS, CIA, FBI etc. They see social security as a "fraudulent scheme" and would end welfare. They would preserve police and the courts and prosecute only violent criminals and violent sex offenders, because they only see government as a preserver of rights and liberties and anybody who intrudes on somebody else's rights. It sounds good on paper and I think a libertarian would only last for about 6 mos in the White House. I believe though that moderate libertarianism is the way to go in this country. Jesse Ventura and Bill O'Reilly are good examples of moderate libertarianism. They believe in less government involvement, public schools, and judgments in society. That’s where the true libertarians screw up. They forget the fact that we as a society must make judgments and follow a code of ethics, and basic civilized laws. If Ventura would ever run or somebody like his platform, I'd definitely vote for them.

Ann Stewart: And how many of you think an Independent should become President this time or do you have anyone in mind that you believe would have the best chance at the Presidency? If you do have someone in mind, the new 2008 Online Election Debate site is up…So please feel free to give any of your thoughts and opinions.

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