Tuesday, July 12, 2005

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Kevin Airrington: Hi Ann..

I wish I had more time to go into this. But I will just let you know that I DO support the war. London was a stark reminder of the kind of cowardly enemy we face.

My nephew was also in Iraq, and like yours he did not want to go. But after he was there we spoke via Yahoo on the computer...and he told me he knew why he was there.

My nephew has since returned home...and then volunteered to return...I didn't want him to go...but then he said, "Uncle Kevin, we're not finished!" Ann, this ripped me through the heart as I fought back tears all I could say is I was proud of him.

Ann, NOBODY likes war...except mabey the animals we are fighting right now. Someone forgot to tell these people the war is over and all we want to do is help them rebuild thyeir country and we get out of their country. 99% of Iraqi's understand and see this. It's the Syrians, the Iranians and other who fear they are next...and I do beleive either Iran or N. Korea is next if they continue to develope WMD's and sponsor terrorism.

I pray for the day when we can all come home and put this behind us...

President Bush is a Christian...and I beleive makes his decisions prayerfully. I beleive he will be remembered in history as one of the greatest Presidents ever.

Is it Christians against Islam? Yes it is...it always has been. It should never be people against people...but it is. The bible says that those that live by the sword also die by the sword (Islam). The Bible also teaches us that our battle is not against flesh and blood but against principalities in dark places.

For me and my house, I will not hide my Christianity nor fold my American flag and put in a drawer just so that I can keep from offending someone. Because I do not care if I offend them...this is my country and people like your nephew and my nephew fought to make sure it stays that way.

This does not mean that I will not be polite and friendly to a Muslim...but I will not hide the fact that I am a christian and I will fly my flag and celebrate the freedom's that were paid for by a very high price. The blood of those who fought for their country stain the flag that flies high above my house...Christ's blood was shred that I may have everlasting life...many deciples died terrible deaths in order to spread the gospel.

Yes, I am a Christian who lives in America. I am proud of my country and those who so bravely defend her in the night in some far away country. I solute the young men and women who wear the the uniform of these United States. May God Bless them and keep them safe as they battle this evil that is upon us...pure evil. I thank God each day we have a President who is a Christain and man enough and has the guts enough to face this evil head on!

Everyone should run over to http://www.rushlimbaugh.com and purchase a Club Gitmo shirt. We need to taunt the enemy...screw them...come out and fight you coward...come face the might of the US MIlitary and her allies...

I think Christianity is NOT in our Government as much as our founders wanted it to be. The separation of church and state is not even in the constitution! What is in there is that no state shall make law concerning the church. So if there is a wall it is one way! Our founders understood this...opening their sessions with prayer...THIS IS A CHRISTIAN NATION!!!!! Fly your flag...the Red, The White and The Blue...be proud...do not compromise...carry your King James Bible...

Those are my feelings and the facts as I see them...

Delenn: I don't get online much anymore, but saw Ann's post at the Gupta site and felt like commenting. Ann is right that a person would have to be blind to not realize the domination of Christianity in this country, including politics and the government, although right now at least, that doesn't seem to include caring for the poor and the least among you and all that. The disagreement is over whether this is appropriate or not. I am on the definitely not side. It might be revealing for people to imagine how everything they see, experience, and encounter might feel a bit different if they were an atheist, as I have been since I was 12 or 13 (I'm 21 now).

Recently I've experienced the pervasiveness of Christianity more in non-governmental contexts, though this can be different depending upon where you are and the amount of diversity there. The store where I work closes on only one day, Christmas Day. I did get a shorter workday on July 4th because my department manager wanted us to have some time with our families. Then the other day at work a man asked if I were a Christian and when I said no told me that I dressed like one (I had on a T-shirt and ankle-length khaki skirt, with my smock on top). Because, you know, all non-Christians dress like whores (not his words). I guess this man didn't consider that the store dress code is rather against dressing like a whore, though it doesn't state it exactly that way. It's just been getting on my nerves.

As an aside, for people who live in places like I do, rural Bible belt places with little diversity, try imagining what it's like to be an atheist and a vegetarian! You really feel different walking around, though it's not difference that's so obvious to everyone else, like skin color or something. Argh.

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